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My Pics & Stats

im 18
wiegh 97kgs
somewhere above the 20% bf mark but under 25%
squat max i have ever done is 180kgs (4 plates a side)
deadlift max is 240kgs (5 and a half plates a side)
bench is 140 kgs (3 plates a side)
clean and jerk is 120 kgs ( 2 and a half plates a side)
curls 70kgs (1 plate and a 5kgs a side)
chin ups my body wieght plus 2 and a half plates between my legs

what else lol?

rest of my piks

and last one

Based on the rating system, I’ll give you a 6. You have a good amount of mass. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Are you really over 20% bodyfat? I’d guess you much lower.

EDIT : And what’s a half plate? Kinda hard to put that on the bar isn’t it? (j/k)

my back

a plates is 20kgs
so a half plates is 10kgs lol
get me?
and thank you

Looking good. What does your training/diet look like?

my diet is terrible lol, i just eat a lot at pretty much every 2 -3 hours
and my training, its not the same the following week,
but i focus a lot on core lifts such as benches presses deadlifts squats chins clean and jerks bent over rows curls dips etc etc lol

Looking solid. Big lifts too. Keep up the good work. I think your definitely under 20% too.

i used the tanita scales
and the come up as 22%
so yeah

Those bioimpedance scales are very very badly ‘interpolated’ for guys carrying any decent muscle mass (for their height). The ‘athlete’ setting is a little better but even that isn;t calibrated using bodybuilders.

[quote]ruthless_greek wrote:
i used the tanita scales
and the come up as 22%
so yeah[/quote]

Looking solid dude. Your traps look like they could use a little work though.

[quote]Sword wrote:
Looking solid dude. Your traps look like they could use a little work though.[/quote]

thank you sword, ill add shrugs in if it is to my routines.

Are you training just to get huge or do you have a sport you wanna do?

Great size and impressive lifts. I think I could learn alot from you. I’d like to see more specifics on your diet out of curiousity though. I agree with the following posts that you’re under 20% bodyfat but I think you’re pretty close to the 20% mark though. Maybe 18%? Anyways great work and keep it up.

id love to do wsm or worlds strongest man
and that means juicing, something my father would bash me over and kick out of home… and at 300 a week i dont think im capable of that

and as for diet or
more so what i eat
i just eat
obviously not maccas and bs like tht but food
but meats
preferred is steaks
cooked at rare or rare medium with the usual such as rices or pastas
chicken is more of my after the work out meal
a whole chicken with what ever for carbs and a salad of sum sort be it the traditional garden salad or a fruit salad
dinner is what my mother makes and ill cook an extra steak or two
before bed probably down a few bananas
my favorite lol
eggs cook obv

weet bix, im not sure if there available anywhere other than australia but there basically biscuits made of wheat
i have anywhere upwards of 7 of them with as much milk as the bowl takes and a fw bananas aswell

now they are the 4 minimum meals idd have
if im hungry
wich i usualy amm my usual snack would be a chicken or some bananas and yogurt
sumfing small
and yes the chickens in australia are small

now what i just described i follow 4 out of 7 days a week
the rest of the days left (3) are my cheat days
which include all this plus pizza or sumfing random like enchiladas from the chicken place down the road or a few burgers from the lil burger place

and i think tht there pretty much covers it
as far as supplementation
i was using t bomb a while ago
i think thts awesome stuff
waste of money
considering muscle is 20% protein and the rest is a mixture of carbs n water
so why take protein to grow when we only need a bit of it
there rest should be focused on the right amount of carbs and water

How tall are you?

175cm not sure what it is in feet

nice man. whats your set rep range at the mo? how did you up the poundages to where your at now?

my progress is getting there and im hoping after a few months to be where your at

it varies
like i dont follow a program
1 i get bored easily
2 repeating sumfing is just not my thing

but i most times start with high reps
sumfign like 20 -25 and add wieght and drop 5 -3 reps per set till i hit about a minimum of 3 reps os you can say i over train but taking into consideration i train 2-4 times a week it kind of balances it out

and as for body groups legs probably cop two a week
legs includes the staples such as squating and deadlifts
i always love to throw in a snatch
although i do a measily 70 -80 kgs on it

and then that leave my upper body for the other days
where i do clean and jerks benching both incilne and decline
dips chins bent over rows and shoulder presses

the rest such as arm shoulders and calves i probably do once a fortnight sumtyms once a week if i can be botherd to lol
and im sure it shows
another thing i will be adding will be shrugs as was pointed out by sword