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My pic

I finally got the courage to post a pic on the web. Be brutal but remember I’m 38 and only been training for about 18 months.
http://communities.msn.com/ WeightliftingWorkingOut/lipospics.msnw

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Not bad, bud - especially after only a year and a half. Do you have a pic that shows your waist? I’d like to see what that area looks like after your “lipo”… !

Lipo: BRO! What’s the PROBLEM 'O? You look great, man! I’m still a “work in progress”, but I hope to post some time this year. I tell 'ya…that will be a BIG step!

So…stats…what’s your height, weight and estimated bodyfat%? (I always like to see where I am compared to the rest of “The Family!”) Good work, bud!

5’10",190#,~11%bf,chest-42",bi’s-16",waist-31",quads-26",calves-16.5",neck-17". This is the only pic I’ve got (exposed anyway). Thanks for the comments.

Lookin good .I thin its time for a t-man/ t-ixen gallery on this site.