My Physique On TRT Right Before I Cycle

Three pictutes were taken After my vacation where I was eating crap all the time, I am a little bit leaner at the moment and one kg heavier. I m 1.82 cm, 84 kg in these pictures. I an about to start my first cycle in years and I wanted to share my progress and get some comments on what I should improve. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Currently on 140 mg of test per week (my trt dose).

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Watch out for gyno. Your left is already looking puffy.

Yeah I get this every time my estrogen goes bit higher. When I get my E2 under control it goes back to normal

Goes to show how good a result you can get from being on just TRT.

Yes, because such a physique is nearly impossible without small doses of test…when ypur body doesn’t produce it efficiently…right.

You look great, man.

Please could you tell us how long you´ve been on TRT and which dosis (and “cycles” descriptions, meaning always Testosterone or you then changes to Clomid, HCG, etc. and ammounts and frequency) you had in your journey?

Best regards!