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My Physique After 2 Years of Training

Hey guys! I’ve been unsecure about my physique lately, this is all because I’ve started bulking, I wanted to know what you guys think?

I will guarantee you that you’ll feel more secure with more muscle. #BulkSznEverySzn

Nah seriously though, keep bulking.

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Thanks man :smiley:

Don’t get too attached to being skinny or else you’ll never get big and end up some concentration camp looking motherfucker for years.

Embrace the slow bulk (gain 0.5-1lb per week average), eat enough protein and concentrate on getting stronger and lifting more i.e. progressive overload: more weight on the bar, reps, sets/week, less rest time, intensity techniques etc.

There’s no need to get super fluffy to gain muscle tho if you give so much of a shit then wear a t shirt to prevent you eyefucking your own abs or lack thereof in the mirror.