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My Physique (3 Years Lifting, No Progress)

Hey everyone. I’ve been lifting for about 3 years. First I focused on calistenics because I wasn’t old enough to go to the gym. My strength has increased a lot but I’m still weak and small. I would post my images and stats. What do you think is the part I should focus more on? And what techniques I can use to do so? Working out is not a problem I have been working out religiously and I can keep doing as much as needed.

I weight 72kgs and my height is 179cms

•Bench press: 70kgs x 5 reps
•Pull ups: Bw+26,25kgs x 5 reps
•Military press: 45kgs x 5 reps
•Squats: 82,5kgs x 6 reps
•Deadlift: 127,5kgs x 5 reps


Assuming your technique is OK, that’s a good base to start. I’d recommend running 531 (buy the book, $10 on Amazon) for at least six months to see how it works for you, which is probably well. If you’re more into aesthetics use the Periodisation Bible assistance template (all in the book). That of all the assistance templates has the most bodybuilding-like approach. Swap the assistance exercises around periodically.

Or, if that doesn’t take your fancy Greyskull LP has a pretty good reputation.

I don’t think your programming is the problem. If you’re not gaining weight, you’re not eating enough, period. I don’t want to hear about a fast metabolism. I don’t want to hear that you have problems eating big meals. I don’t want to hear that it’s inconvenient. Your options are to eat more, or stay small.

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All good advice above. Read pretty much any 10 articles on this site especially a couple by Dan John and Wendler

It’s time for you do some rows.

Some with a dumbbell, 1 hand at a time. Some with 2 hands. Some chest supported. Some kinda upright.

As a skinny calisthenics dude, you are going to love the chins. But the rows will build up what you lack.

Also, eating is really important to gaining.

I sort of agree here, but not because of the movement itself. Pull ups can be sufficient for building a big back, but for someone who’s really skinny like the OP, it’s probably the case that weight would need to be added for them. I pretty much never do rows. I just don’t like them. I only do them if I really need some variety. Usually I just do unweighted pull ups.

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Thanks to everyone for the advices. I would increase even more my calorie intake. About the pull ups, I already do them weighted because Bw are too easy. I’m already doing rows, basically seated cable rows. I will implement some dumbbell rows even though I don’t like them.