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My Personal Pet Peeves about the Current BBing/Fitness Scene


Why not? They may just have bad genetics.


Sadly this seems to be more true for women at my gym than men. The girls are young but don’t really have any muscle definition and have a little extra body fat. I’m not trying to bash the women or paint them into a corner and say they have to be physique competitors, but they should look like they take care of themselves. Unfortunately, this is the Y and I’m guessing the overweight women who train with them feel more comfortable with a girl who’s a little chubby versus a girl who is strong.

LOL! Perfect. Judgement free zones for everyone!

And lastly, for some reason this made me think of cardiologists. Somehow doctors who save lives and are experts on the heart do nothing to take care of their own. It’s not uncommon to see an obese cardiologist. I can’t believe someone who sees the effects of certain lifestyle choices every day can make the same stupid choices.


Oh man, I didn’t think about that. They probably want to stay “all natural” and don’t take Financial Enhancement Drugs either. LOL.


Yeah. Also, how many people in the gym even know what the labels mean? So many people will say they’re into WLing. They aren’t talking about the Oly lifts, they just mean “I’m into weight training,” or “I like to lift weights.” To the general public, probably anyone who gets into resistance training is a BBer or a WLer. If you ever use the squat rack, you’re a PLer. :wink:


what if I just use it for curls?


If someone ever calls me a bodybuilder, rather than getting pedantic about it and explaining that I’m a strongman, I just take it as a compliment to mean I don’t look like a slob.


There’s another label for those people. Haha, you jerk!

This could be a test.
Curls in the rack, you’re a BBer.
Squats in the rack, you’re a PLer.
Overhead squats, you’re a WLer.
Picking up the rack, you’re a Strongman.


I know iifym drives me God damn nuts. They all say it’s easy, easy to track all those untrackable macros. So I eat at quadoba and trust those numbers, give me a break. It’s just wrong on numerous levels. Secondly, it’s easier to be loose when you have no kids, job, and can train 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. Try that shit with everything against you and watch that shit fail. It’s not hard to have some damn discipline, and if need that cookie by all means eat it,just stop telling me you ate it. Fuck that nonsense. Lastly for now, reverse dieting. I’m thrilled anyone can make things more complicated, I really am. Not surprised even one bit. It’s almost like people are inherently reliant on being feed thoughts instead of learning.


I think that some people just mistake complicated for “good”. None of this stuff has to be very complicated to work well. It is easy to fall into the trap of “Oh wow! Look at that! It must be good if I can’t understand it.”. I’ve done it a few times myself.


We all have. Its just that the very figures preaching these new methods make it seem like without expert guidance you will fail. You’ll reverse diet to quick and bloat up, ruin your off-season and need a prep coach to help with macro counting. But you need the book, and coaching of course.


Here’s a couple more:

-Social Media wannabe celebrities who need to “tell their story” on a daily basis

-Anyone who uses a “contest pic” for their avatar/profile pic, but never (NEVER!) shows any photos of the lineup they were in at said contest.



I am also getting tired of pseudo-philosophical and seemingly mindless rambling by gym people of all sorts. I get some of it, but my jaded and cynical self simply thinks such posters are largely unoccupied and they themselves shiftless. Seriously, look around at day-to-day life. People are out their busting their asses, raising kids, and some are even involved in their places of worship and their communities, and then some guy lying around and eating and exercising all day and working from his computer is going to deliver all sorts of life lessons on a daily basis. Busy people don’t even have the energy or time to do this. I am being judgmental but some of this stuff seems damn infantile.


The people who were to busy to think were never the ones who became philosophers.


How else are they supposed to get more clients. No one really needs a coach.


That’s a fair point. I think because we’re only using the written word here that sometimes what I write might be misinterpreted. That, and I consider myself to be 95+% good hearted and the other remaining percent to be that of a dick. :flushed: My wife often says, “you’re a very good person, but you’re also a mother----r!” :grinning:


Just thinking of the attractive instagram stars who put up pretty pictures. You can see how it would morph into some kind of life coach, guru, or therapist, as a way to expand and keep interest.

There’s an assumption that attractive fit people have it going on in every aspect of life. The impression is that they also have some kind of hidden knowledge about relationships, happiness, wealth, and also probably have the answers to poverty and climate change. Haha.


There’s a popular fitness writer who posts on IG as if he has such hidden knowledge. His posts usually include selfies, hundreds of selfies. It’s kind of creepy.


If I ever meet you beer is on me. I couldn’t say it better if I typed all year.


I’m not sure. When I was kettlebell instructor my goal was to see you as little as possible. Do my job and let you develop individually. Client retention was not my strong point, I didn’t do well financially. Plus, whether it’s bodyweight, barbell or kettlebell, the same principles apply. And for most people that will get you where you want to be. Shit, I paid 2000 for the RKC instructor course and denied my renewal and bitched about how they complicated the whole process. Friends I did not make.


Truth be told, I’m annoyed by almost everything nowadays. I appreciate physical culture as a whole. I am bothered by the younger you tube people having no idea what feats were accomplished by people a century ago. No pre, peri and post workout nutrition. No cluster sets or nueroligical priming. They lifted for work or joy. It seemed enjoyable without the stress we see today correlated to lifting. No one really cares what you do with weights, they might today, but on 50 years your snatch pr is just for you. That SHOULD be enough.