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My Personal Law of Cutting


This is working brilliantly for me, I've dropped 4" off my waist in the last 3 weeks this way.

I eat protein loads when hungry, NOT when 2.5hrs elapse.

Yep, you read right. I was training hard 5x a week, compound lifts plus a little isolation works, sweating daily. Threw in some cardio here and there, made sure I ate 5-6 loads per day, at exactly timed intervals. Proteins/Carbs/Fats in just the right ratio, eating clean, maybe 1 cheat meal per week if not fortnight. Didn't work, I just kept getting stronger, but neither gaining muscle nor losing flab.

Then I had a long weekend when I couldn't eat to MY timetable, I went 3, 4, 5 hours without reaching for the chicken/tuna. That was the catalyst. I noticed an immediate difference by Tuesday, committed to it and haven't looked back. Same portions, ie 100Gms chicken breast, a can of tuna+4 boiled eggs etc, all that's different is the timing. I no longer count or time how often I eat per day, and I don't care. All my trousers/shorts feel loose on me now, I'm using holes in my belt that haven't been used ever.

They say you've "Got to do what works for you", and "Listen to your body". Now I know what they meant. Now I know that a rumbling stomach is simply the body saying, "Ok, I'm ready, I need protein and I will NOT convert it into flab!!"



I don't understand.

The meals are the same size.

Are you still eating the same number of meals a day, just more erratically spaced?


Someone has to say it....Protein loads? Do they just shoot down your throat?



OP not making much sense here, poster #2 has a good question


"...I ate 5-6 loads per day."

I agree with the others. Jaybee, please explain.


That is perhaps the funniest things I've ever read on this site.


By increasing the time between feedings (aka decreasing the number of meals you eat in a given time period) you have effectively reduced your kcal intake over that given time period.

It should be no surprise you lost weight; you were simply eating too many kcal before.

Nothing magic here, though its good you have started making progress.

lol@ protein loads


and whats fortnight all about? Last time I had a fortnight, I was 8. Post makes no sense to me. Almost sounds like hes saying its ok not to eat because the carb/protein/fat ratio thing doesn't work for him. Explain whats working for you and whats not working for you and define protein loads for us all if you may.


With that and the protein loads, this is the funniest thread in a very long time. LOL.


This just made me really, really sad...


sounds like someone got picked on when they were little. Sorry, My intentions were not meant to bring back the bad memories. Sad?


No, it's working out to fewer meals, 4, occasionally 3, whose timing is also more random. So yes, fewer calories, fewer gms of Protein. The lesson is that, for whatever reason, my body simply wasn't converting the protein into muscle. I would speculate that I didn't need the 1.5gms of protein per Ib of muscle mass to maintain that mass, but I stress, that's just speculation on my part.

And you kids laughing at "Protein load"...yes, I do see the funny side. Now quit lying on sign up webpages that ask, "Are you over 18?", and grow the fuck up.



What exactly is not grown up about that? Are you saying minors should be taking protein loads?


so, wait? You ate fewer calories and lost weight? Get the fuck out of town. Maybe you should create I,Weight Loss


Wrong answer, bucko. Here's a model reply:

"Nice one Jaybee, the concept of adjusting the gms protein/Ib of lean muscle tissue never damn well comes up, good thing you came across it, and even BETTER you shared it with us! Most of all, aren't you looking forward to seeing your abs for the first time ever?? And all those lays with the girls you've got heading your way at 15%BF, jeeez, isn't that going to be fantastic??!!"


damnnn, this just make feel like punching my self on the head....for one hour.

guys i've been on a diet, and i've lost only 5.5 inches on my waist, in almost 4 moths!!!! wtf??

or it's just that i'll start dropping faster now that i have less fat?? (have lost a total of 33 pounds)


I call BS on your 4" off your waist in 3 weeks.

Unless either of the following are met:

  1. you are 500 lbs
  2. you measured your waist with a full load of food prior to beginning your diet
  3. you can't measure accurately


Read the rest of what I wrote, your answer may well be in there. No, fat loss decelerates, assuming you don't change your diet as I did, but 5.5" is still 5.5" you don't have NOW. Take pride in that.


None of the above is correct. Wait, how about....

4) my measuring tape warps with heat/cold? Or,
5) my dog ate the first few inches of the tape?



OR!!! Maybe, you aren't digesting protien properly and having a distending gut due to the high amounts of protien. And now that you have cut down in the amount, your body is finding it easier, so your wasit has shrunk.