My Personal IM vs SQ Lab Numbers

So then, about eight months ago I was injecting IM with this protocol and result:

  • 70mg test cyp, twice weekly for a total of 140mg

  • 0.5mg adex 3 times weekly for a total of 1.5mg/week


Total testosterone 1601 ng/dl (250-1100)

Free testosterone 333.8 pg/ml (35-155)

Estradiol 21 pg/ml (<61)

Hemoglobin 17 g/dl (13.7-17.5)

Hematocrit 49.8% (40.1-51%)

Since then I’ve been injecting SQ, and a week ago I got these results:

  • 70mg test cyp, twice weekly for a total of 140mg/week

  • 0.7mg adex twice weekly for a total of 1.4mg/week

The result:

Total testosterone 1407 (250-1100)

Free testosterone 229.1 (35-155)

Estradiol 31 (<61)

Hemoglobin 16.9 (13.7-17.5)

Hematocrit 50.9 (40.1-51%)

PSA 0.59 (0.0-3.9)

You may notice I’ve been taking slightly less arimidex, and only taking it twice a week as opposed to three times. Outside of that, the only difference was that I was shooting via SQ.

Do you guys suppose that such a slight change in adex could account for the lower free and total testosterone numbers along with the large increase in E2, or do you think doing it SQ had anything to do with it?

Please maintain a single thread/topic for your case so we do not loose context.

The result does not make much sense, but it is what it is.

HTC is a worry and may be a progression of where it was headed anyways. Try to avoid iron fortified breads, cereals, rice, flour etc. Take mini aspirin every day which will improve flow of your blood that is getting sluggish. Note that dehydration increases HTC and that often happens with fasting lab work where drinking water is important. Many with high HTC are forces to lower TRT dosing.

E2 can increase with liver issues [AST/ALT] or meds that compete for the liver enzyme pathways that clear E2.

To get near E2=22pg/ml increase dose of anastrozole by a factor of 31/22. That is a big change, this addresses the E2 symptom but not the unknown cause.

Using a liquid anastrozole product? Changed batch/lot or supplier?

With IM injections, T is absorbed faster, peaks higher and drops faster. With IM, lab results are more affected by lab timing than subq. I always suggest that labs be half-way between injections to reduce lab timing artifacts. This may be part of what you are looking at.

High HTC also can reduce blood flow in vascular organs.

2nd dose TT, FT seem more what is expected from your T dose. First set of labs seems high.

I apologize for the new thread. It’s just that the old thread is so big, and has gone in so many unrelated directions, that I thought this should start in a new thread.

I have the feeling my hematocrit is somewhat genetic. I have labs from 15 years ago while on no meds or hormones of any kinds that show my HTC was 50.8%…and I’ve always been a wateraholic and drink lots of water all day. I’ve always just chalked up the high number to hard training?

Last night I did however remember something else that completely slipped my mind…the finasteride. That HAS to have something to do with it (the overall slip in numbers). Especially at 3.75mg/day. I’m not taking today’s dose, and by tomorrow I will have decided whether to completely stop taking it or cut the dose back to 1mg…despite my previously not having any of the desired results with it until I got to 3.75mg.