My Peri-Workout Nutrition Okay?

I have started finally using a better i hope pre/post. Any info would be super great since i think its much better than the whey+water pre and no post i did before.

Here it is

650 a.m.- banana upon waking, make a drink of 1 scoop ON whey+1.5 tbs lipton green tea powder “just like gatorade powder but has antioxidants”

The drink macros are 25g protein/ 18 carb/ 16 sugar. With the banana its close to a 2:1 ratio

700- drink around 1/3 of drink i made, i then start my workout.

Sip the same drink during the workout, usually around 45 min long for the workout.

745- drink remaining drink, last 1/3 or 1/4 or whatever is left for post workout.

845 I eat my 1.5 cup of oats, with 2 tbs flax and wheat germ and 8 oz soy mik, this is my real breakfast.

Do you think i should skip the banana and do just the drink as i did with 1/3 pre, 1/3 during, 1/3 post or do just as i mentioned with the banana or apple upon waking like i did?

I did this one today and felt pretty good, just curious if i should change it up any

Any info would be awesome

Regular whey isn’t going to be digested fast enough to warrant its use during or immediately prior to training. You need to use whey protein hydrolyslate if you want to benefit from it during these times.

I believe much of the carb content in the banana is fructose, in which case it’s not going to be of much help during training or in stimulating recovery immediately after training.

Work on getting more protein with breakfast if you want to build muscle. I’d shoot for 20 grams at the bare minimum. Forty grams would probably be better, however.

I personally try to avoid soy as well. A little now and then won’t kill you, but I wouldn’t reply on it as a protein source.

I figured the whey drink and the banana worked good overall with the fructose+glucose combo. I felt really good during the workouts the last few days i did it.

I may go to 1/2 banana but it depends. I dont see a problem with my current pre/peri/post and i feel great during my workouts using it.

Also for breakfast the total protein amount comes to around 30-35g

1.5 c. oats= 15g
2 tbs ground flax=5g
2 tbs wheat germ=5g
8oz vanilla soy=7g

That seems to be enough protein to me, it might not be the best but makes a great breakfast awhile after my workout.

The only time i have soy is one 8oz glass a day at this time, one glass of soy isnt going to hurt anything and i like the taste.

Sounds like you just want people to validate what you’re already doing.

When it comes to protein intake, you want to make sure you’re getting “complete” proteins or are combining the correct foods to ensure you’re getting all of the essential amino acids.

What you’re currently doing may feel better because it is better than what you were doing. This doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be significantly better, though.

Eeeh . . it’s not ideal, but not terrible either.

What really jumps out at me in the lack of protein in your real breakfast. That’s the time to create a second anabolic spike to further help growth/recovery. While it might seem ok when you add it up like that, your instincts should tell you that it should be improved.

So add some eggs or something.

The second thing that you might want to consider is upping the carbs in your drink. Save the banana for later.

Also, I agree with everything HK24719 said.

If I was grading your plan, I’d give it a C-/D. Not failing, but a lot of room for improvement.

Check this out.

Ok thanks for the help guys, like i said i use to do whey+water upon waking and just water during with no post at all except for the breakfast i mentioned.

I am getting things figured out and finding what works for me at the same time. I appreciate the help and will make some changes to what im doing and see how that goes.

Thanks again for the info!!!