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My Pendulum


Hypertrophy Weeks
Day 1
bench press- 4x8
barbell row- 4x8
db shoulder press- 3x10
db shrugs- 3x10

Day 2
squat- 4x8
romanian dead- 4x8
lunge- 3x10
GHR- 3x10

Day 3
dips- 4x8
chin ups- 4x8
incline db press- 3x10
seated row- 3x10

Day 4
deadlift- 4x8
step up- 4x8
leg curl- 3x5(each leg), 2/1
hypers- 3x15

Strength Weeks
day 1
speed bench- 8x2
squat- 3RM
deadlift- 6RM
GHR- 3x5

Day 2
speed deads- 8x2
bench- 3RM
squat- 6RM
dips- 3x5

Day 3
speed squat- 8x2
deadlift- 3RM
bench- 6RM
seated row- 3x5

Power weeks
Day 1
bench- 1RM
push ress- 6x3(70%)
ballistic bench- 4x5
seated row- 8x2(50%)

Day 2
squat- 1RM
hang snatch- 6x3(70%)
depth jump- 3x10
med ball forward toss- 2x10
med ball backward toss- 2x10

Day 3
push press- 1RM
speed bench- 8x2
seated row- 3RM
med ball chest throws- 2x10
med ball push press- 2x10
med ball overhead throw- 2x10

Day 4
power snatch- 1RM
speed squat- 8x2
jump squat- 4x5
med ball backward toss- 2x10
med ball forward toss- 2x10

My man goal is just overall strength, hypertrophy, and power, in that order. What do you think?


Very good, but I would keep the speed work for the power weeks.



Please tell me if I am correct. When using the pendulum method of periodization are you unconcerned with maintaining structural capacities, max strength capacities, or power capacities when they are not the predominant quality being trained.

Intuitively I would think that you would maintain, however with only a week to 2 weeks without being trained maybe you would not lose these capacities.

Yor thoughts?



I thought maybe like this on my strength weeks so it would help increase strength on almost all of my exercises that i use for hypertrophy.

Day 1
squat- 6x3(work up to 3RM)
RDL- 4x6(work up to 6RM)
dips- 5x5(7 or 8RM)
GHR- 3x5(5 or 6RM)

Day 2
bench- 6x3(work up to 3RM)
front squat- 4x6(work up to 6RM)
GM-5x5(7 or 8RM)
DB Shoulder press- 3x5(5 or 6RM)

Day 3
deadlift- 6x3(work up to 3RM)
incline bench- 4x6(work up to 6RM)
step up- 5x5(7 or 8RM)
seated row- 3x5(5 or 6RM)


Looks good ... all in all it's a nicely put program! With proper nutrition you should see very good progress!


If i wanted to try and gain all 3 qualities equally, strength, power, and hypertrophy would this work?

Week 1- Hypertrophy
Week 2- Strength
Week 3- Power
Week 4- Strength
Week 5- Hypertrophy
Week 6- Strength
Week 7- Power
Week 8- Repeat

Would i gain in all qualities or would there be to much time between the power or hypertrophy weeks to gain??


Dude you wont gain anything because you change your routine every damn week!!


Kelly, I don't agree. That's the founding principle of my pendulum approach, which has produced extreme results in many athletes so far! It's simply an application of the conjugated periodization system.


Kelly, i dont change my program every week i'm just curious about other ways of training so i ask questions. The only way i would start changing my program every week is if i changed to the pendulum approach.



I'm not talking about the pendulum workout, it looks like a very good system. I was referring to what Binford already addressed, that is every time i come on this forum he is asking for input on another training scheme so often.


You answered my accusation/question. If you apply yourself in the gym half as hard as you do in your quest for knowledge you'll be unstoppable in no time. Keep it up!


Kelly, sorry my mistake!


Could an approach be formulated in that the set/rep ranges and TUT focuses more on hyp/strength about half an half in one phase, hyp/strength/power in an the next with strength being the main focus, power next, then hypertrophy(reps are lowered for a focus on strength and power, but overall volume and TUT is still enough to facilitate for functional hypertrophy), then in the third phase all three again but the focus on power, then strength, then hypertrophy(really low reps for power, overall volume and TUT facilitate strength and functional hypertrophy still)?


Sure, anything can work if the amount of effect your put into it is there. However be wary of trying to do too much at the same time.