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My Pecs Suck

Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone has a great chest routine they have seen visible results with. I love training chest and have always been strong, but have kind of gotten frustrated as of late. My goal is size and shape. I do not care how much weight I am lifitng. (Who cares if you can bench 600 pounds if you’re a fat, hairy bastard?)
So let me know what routines you like.
I’ve pretty much done it all and want to try something new.
Thanks guys and gals.

It’s your diet.

What’s your MAX BENCH??

Most weight I’ve used on flat barbell bench lately has been 275 for 3-4 sets of 5-6 reps.
Or 100 lb dumbells for 3-4 sets of 5-6 reps.
Don’t know my max.

Dumbbell flyes and cable crossovers. And no, I’m not joking.

B, you’re looking in the wrong direction. Fix your diet, THEN pick any of the workout routines on T-Mag and give it a shot.

Yup, Mike the Lib is right. Esp. on the cable cross overs. Also, "who cares if you have huge pecs if you’re a fat, hairy bastard (i.e., if the fat your carrying is masking great pec development!!!). In other words, you need to attack this from the “fork” side of things as well. Good luck.

Sorry, I was joking. Seriously, though, I’ve seen great results with EDT. But the best thing I’ve done by far was a basic 5x5 program while using the ‘100 reps a day’ system. Serious results.

best chest routine are far as me is, dumbell presses with negatives followed by dumbell flyes at half the weight. Do 2 supersets of 6+6 reps each of: incline, flat, decline. That’s it!!! Finish the presses and go straight into the flyes with minimal rest. watch the form. For the flyes i like to use the same grip as i do in the presses, facing away from my body, not towards each other. let me know what you think and how it goes. :slight_smile: laters pk

If you have access to a high-quality swiss ball, dumbbell chest presses on the ball might be a good option for you. The curved surface of a properly-inflated and sized swiss ball allows me to feel more of an overall chest stretch (followed by a more intense contraction) than when I perform presses on a bench. You can also experience greater range of motion on the ball, and believe it or not, I can actually press more weight on a ball than on a bench (plus you’ll make the rotator cuff a bit more resilient). Good Luck.

I’m just about to start the second phase of Ian Kings Twelve weeks to super strength and in the 3 weeks of the 1st phase my pecs have improved a hell of a lot. The angles and tecniques used offer full stimulation with minimal wieghts although it is a loading phase, give it a shot.

i had a shit chest in the past, tried every angle press, cable etc. found for me that a pec dec (when done right) inflated my chest. Pec dec is must in my chest routine for size and shape. Alos very easy to hit it hard with drop sets.

If you’re natural, your muscle size is directly proportional to your muscle strength.

If you are looking for your chest to get bigger, then I would suggest a wide grip on pressing movements, coupled with a slow negative rep speed. This will put maximum stress on the pecs, causing them to grow. In addition, pull overs on the flat bench will hit the muscles under the pecs, causing them to stick out. Look at the article “pop em out muscles” under chest. Hope this helps.

Couldn’t be farther from the truth, Harkonnen. :slight_smile:

Think about it this way: if that were true, nobody natural would have to distinguish bodybuilding or strength goals, since they lead to the same thing.

Mike the Lib is right… We don?t normally agree… we even kind of bitch slapped each other on the smoking in Japan forum but he is right… Try this out for a change. Try to increase your fly?s like you would your bench. I am talking about DB fly-- you know where your elbows drop below chest level and sometimes shoulders… Where your arm stays at a 45 degree or less bend. Try to increase your weight over a period of time and set goals. I promise you that once you get to a point where you can fly 75-80 for 5-6 reps in good form you will have a wide well rounded chest. Also don?t forget the importance of hitting your chest from different angels such as db-incline press/fly or decline. If that is too uncomfortable, try pushing a adjustable bench in the middle of a cable cross setup and do fly?s inclined and declined with cables there. It should feel just like a bow flex fly. Good luck.

The thing i’ve found to help my chest the most is by not locking out on presses. You can also try doing 1 1/4 reps or 1 1/2 reps.
To make up for not locking out i usually do a few sets of close grip bench presses at the end of my workout.