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My Pecs. Finally Not Broken but Look Stupid

Okay, so about 10 or 11 weeks ago, I had a very slight pec tear from benching like an idiot - no spotter and a warmup that didn’t work before benching 110kgs 10 times…
Anyway, my left pec is no longer broken and I can train on it now. However, over the last 10 weeks, I worked everything else. So my body is kinda out of proportion right now, especially since my pectorals were not growing as fast as the rest of my body even BEFORE this injury.

What I would like to know is how to bring them back into proportion with the rest of my body ASAP. Spilts and training types (like 5x5 or whatever you think) as well as any other past experience with something like that. You know, just a little advice for your aspiring 17 year old bodybuilder. The strength has also died a bit, not just the size. Getting that back would also be awesome…
Thanks everybody!

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