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My pecs are lagging

I’ve noticed my pecs are a little behind the rest of my body’s development. Is there something i couuld do in say, a month that would boost my pec size? I remember reading one thing where you do the lagging body part several times a week for two weeks then recover for a week and it makes them bigger. Anyway, any input is appreciated.

Lift chest every other day for a week, take two days off, repeat. Do this for a month, or less if your body tells you to stop sooner.

Prioritize the chest by training it first in your sessions.

Do not do chest several times a week. Your chest is not growing with the current work load. What makes you think adding to the work load will help? Like most people who have a lagging body part you’re probably doing too much already.
Try the following:
*Flat Flys 3-4 warm ups, 1 set to failure
*Low Incline Dmbl press 2 warm ups,
1 set

Continued from last message:

  • Flat bech presses 1 warm up, 1 set to failure
  • Push-ups on a stability ball.
    Use a 403 tempo.
    Also and probably most importantly, retract and lock your scapula when performing these and similar exercises. Do not let your shoulders move forward as you press the weight up. Doing so will take the stress off the chest and put it on the shoulders. This is very common among people with your problem.

Try Ian King’s upper body workout. Look in the FAQ section of t-mag.