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My Pec Tear Surgery and Recovery Experience


I tore my pec in August 2013 and had surgery to repair it a few weeks later in September 2013. It has not been about 1.5 years. I can do just about any workout and have mostly full range of motion. However, I still have strength issues on that torn side and the look of my chest has never quite gone back to how it was previously.

Also the area around the tendon and into the chest is very firm and kind of feels like a large mass of hard tissue. When I do any heavy lifting that involves my chest the surgery side swells up and is very sore for a few days. I can also feel some strain in my bicep for some reason. So far I'm grateful that my chest was reattached but the results are not quite as good as I'd hoped they would be.

I've been considering attempting surgery again but I reeeally don't want to go through the long recovery process again. Overall I'm about 70% happy with my results right now. I'm hoping things will improve further and it will become a none issue. If not, I may have to strongly consider finding another doctor and doing it all over again...