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My Pec Isn't Rounded


Currently im doing a strength routine so i can bench heavier - keep this in mind.

But anyways, on to the point of me making this thread, my pec isn't rounded, it has cuts at the edge and its very small compared to other people. I have been working out "seriously" for about 7 months now, since january.

theres a picture... any ideas?


Don't worry about it man. Just keep doing the damn thing you'll be fine.

You have only been hittin it for 7 months. You don't have to worry about this stuff yet. Keep benching, it will work itself out.

Don't neglect incline pressing either.


Once you start getting some mass on your chest I'm sure it will round out. Also it depends where your pectorals originate from and insert to that can give your chest a different look than others.


Put alot of muscle on your frame, and as a result your chest will be bigger also...focus on you're overall mass. Do you see anyone your overall size, with a massive chest? Nope....


I am going out on a limb based on that picture, but something tells me you need to step up your back training, hardcore.


At his level of development, how much back do you expect to see from a front picture dude?

You could be right, but I think you may be a bit unfair to jump the gun like that.

Kid needs to "step up" his training everywhere before you pick specific areas to "step up".