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My Pec is Hurt?



I could need your help. Something is not correct with my pec muscles.

What I have:
-I get a sharp pain in certain “areas” of my pec when I bench with my normal grip , when I overhead press with my bench grip , floor presses with my normal grip
-I feel my pec when I do chin ups (sometimes)
-when my pec muscle (left more than right) gets tensed in a certain way I get the pain
-I feel it when I do dips
-now during everyday actives (sometimes)
-when I wake up and deeply inhale in my chest (sometimes)

What I did:
-I bench twice a week (I train based on westside barbell) and did my max effort and dynamic effort in the last weeks with my “normal” grip

What it is:
-are certain muscle fibers hurt or something else?

What should I do:
-stop doing pressing movements?
-reduce weight and go for very high reps?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: