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I just wanted to run my PCT by you to make sure it looks good. My current cycle is 30mg Anabol (15x2/day) and 90mg Stanozolol (30x3/day). I plan on running this for 5 weeks.

I was originally told to use a low dose of Anavar but based on everything I read, one should not use anavar or any other aas as any kind of bridge and tapering is no longer considered useful.

So, it would be like this:

  1. Nolvadex 40mg/day week 1 and 20mg/day weeks 2 and 3.
  2. Carbolin 19, Alpha Male, and Methoxy-7 at the maximum recommended daily doses.
  3. TONS of clean food.

Do I have it correct?



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As always, thanks for your input. You are always there with a helpful answer! A couple more questions, if I may. Why do you personally recommend Clomid and Nolva? From what I have read the Clomid vs. Nolva debate is a big one. The Thai "pharmacist" that sold me the dbol had me convinced that Nolva was just as effective with fewer sides.

Second, would 4 weeks of Nolva be reasonably comparable?


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That why I put pharmacist in quotes... but she was cute...



i agree with bushy. i don't buy into nolva being a better pct drug than clomid....at least over the short term. IMO clomid is far superior. why re-invent the wheel. clomid has been the pct drug of choice for how long? and all this clomid vs. nolva debating has only been recently an issue....and it all stemmed from an article which has been picked over and scrutinized for its accuracy....if i remember correctly. someone clue me in if i'm off track here.

3 weeks of clomid with all the other pct support drugs you mentioned will be good enough. running them concurrently is also a good idea...as is running clomid followed by nolva.....but IMO clomid should be first and foremost in your pct plans.


Bushboy and juice have hit the nail on the head...Run the clomid for the first 2 weeks at 100mg/d and run the nolvadex the 3/4th week at 40mg/d...This, along w/ your supp regimen and diet will ensure that a good percent of your gains are retained.



Hey Red,

Was it quite easy getting clomid and nolvadex in Thailand? I'm going there soon and want to get some. Also, since I've never seen these products before (I'm getting some to go along with the SD I bought for cycles down the road) what does it look like? Did you take it out of the country? Is it risky to do so? Since most drug checks are for narcotics, am I right in assuming that f I put it in another bottle I should have zero trouble coasting through customs? Thanks in advance


I disagree with the above advice I think Nolvadex is a very usefull compound, if not more potent compound than clomid. In short always include it in your pct - even if it means to use both.

I also recommend using the tribulus during the cycle not after it, it is a simmilar compound to hcg. You don't want your pituitary suppressed post cycle on acount of using the tribulus, as the very reason you are using nolva, and clomid is to stimulate LH secretion from said gland.

also try some yohimbe as well - it is worth a shot.

Becarefull with the diet as well, as much of this will be 'stored' as fat rather than used to preserve muscle now that the chemical stimulae to retain nitrogen is gone.

You will lose muscle because of this, which will raise creatinine levels. Continuing to consume a high protein diet as well, will place strain on the kidneys.

Just limit your training to maintainance for the next few weeks, with the goal of just keeping your strength and nervous system intact without actually causing too much muscle damage. - As your body will be unwilling to repair this, meaning you'll just end up pissing your muscles away in form of creatinine.

All in all it was only a five week cycle using short acting compounds, so I think you should be quite successfull.


Extremely easy to get but you may have to go to a few pharmacies and ask. It took me 3 tries.

Mine were German brands but you may find others depending on where you buy.

Yes and yes, of course.

I wasn't too concerned about the Anti-Es per se. I was concerned about the steroids. I just packed them in a carry-on and took the chance. It's your risk... I'm not giving any advice here...



I appreciate the feedback!!



Thanks Red. I got my stuff already, just needing the nolva and clomid to make it complete. If you were taking it in your carry-on, I take it you just had orals? If you had amps and vials, you got some serious brass balls man!