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My PCT Predicament

So let me start out by saying I’ve been a bit of an idiot. I’m 19 years old and in the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan. Been lifting for 3 years and had seen some pretty awesome gains. I got to my peak strength earlier this year and figured it was time to step it up. I ran a cycle of H-Drol and used 6-Oxo Extreme for PCT. Felt fine, everything was good. I guess then I got a little cocky.

The month of October I ran Havoc at 30/30/30/40. I used Anabolic Innovation’s Cycle Support during as well as some SAMe. Continued both into PCT. I obviously have a pretty strong libido and am always pretty damned horny. After a week of Havoc my libido diminished. I figured it wasn’t a big deal.

Finished out the cycle and started Reversitol as directed. The second week I added in Primal Male. Now I’m a few days into the second week and my libido is still down. Is it time to worry? I can get some nolva if need be but by that time my OTC PCT will be completed anyway. I can’t get bloodwork BTW, being in the military and all. That would help I’d imagine.

Any suggestions? Please no flames, I know I was kinda stupid using this shit at this age. I don’t regret the H-Drol cycle but I definitely rushed into Havoc kind of stupidly even though I planned everything out. I didn’t anticipate this.

Using nolva as a PCT for steroids seem like a pretty ingenious plan…


OTC PCT is a misnomer.

It doesn’t exist.

SERM like nolva is the only PCT there is.

Get the nolva for the end of your cycle if you can, it doesnt take two weeks to come in, you should have it in a few days.

Why do people insist on using OTC PCT’s when they obviously dont work and cost just as much or more as a real PCT with an SERM…

Get the nolva, now!

As soon as you get it, run a standard Nolva PCT and stop using the other OTC crap. After that, I would give my body some time to return to normal.

Any other questions, PM me.