My PCP Wants Me to Go from 100mg/Test to 50mg Clomid Daily

My doc wants me off testosterone (understandable since I’m 26) due to possible long term issues specifically infertility.

I’ve seen some people’s posts on here who tried 50mg clomid daily and test went up find to upper normal range/borderline over however they’re estrogen was also raised over range.

What I’ve read is an AI wouldn’t work for that due to it occuring in testes.

Also mood issues?

How long should I wait till last injection of testosterone to leave my body in order to start clomid?
I won’t see him till 4 weeks so how many weeks before? This is what he ordered me to do and than I’ll take blood testosterone test to see if clomid is increasing natural test.

I’ve been on test since May 2018 except 3 months of HCG monotherapy and 2 months without anything switching doctors. Thanks.

Why did you originally start TRT? What were your lab numbers? Symptoms?

Clomid is not a long term solution, it is a short term restart attempt and 98% of the time TRT is the next step, but at 50mg daily this suggest you are wasting time with this doctor because the dosage is excessive.

You’ll be back on TRT before you know it, you doctor is only doing what’s ethical and is going down a road to likely not lead anywhere you want to go. The doctors that are not clueless are doing 25mg everyday or 50mg every other day and even every 3-4 days, but your doctor is just going off the prescribing standards which tells me he is new at these clomid game.

Often the pharmical companies have no clue as to the optimal dosages, the doctors have to play around a little bit to figure it out, but some doctors don’t think outside the box. If the doctor is not very knowledgeable you stand almost no chance at making clomid work.

My advice is take a pass on clomid with this doctor.

I checked for shits and giggles when I was 22 and 24 …it read 300’s and 400’s. I randomly checked again at 25 and it was low 200’s after I stopped masturbating (permanently), porn, cigarettes, drugs, and even started exercising with clean diet(although it’s not all that great after TRT) All were in the morning
Symptoms: mental fog, low to mild energy, not assertive socially, irritated / impatient but not depressed/anxious

What I find it odd is that I had to ‘educate’ doc that I can’t start immediately, but would need to stop testosterone he never mentioned to me first lol. Than he restated what just said in his own way like he already said it something haha. Other than that he is cool doc just.doesnt have knowledge on this he’s not an Endo

No need for all that. Just add HCG for a while if you want a baby. It’s entirely possible to get the job done on TRT anyway, it’s not a very foolproof birth control.


How should I tell him I don’t want to start it without coming off like I’m stubborn and want to use test for lifting…he exercises and has a trainer and thinks I only use this at a young age for weight lifting lol…he was like “you already look like you have enough muscle, you don’t really need it at your age…plus long term it can bla bla bla”
I actually secretly take 200mg of non-prescribed test as he wouldn’t allow more than 100mg and I know for a fact I felt better on 160mg/week from trt clinic I went to before him. Believe it or not I wouldn’t mind 50mg daily vs 200mg test if it can get me in high normal range like it did for that one guy but overall it looks too good to be true

Funny thing is I wouldn’t mind trying it I seen of someone on this forum of 50mg daily user has total T of 1,400’s but estrogen got high

You can’t argue with a stupid doctor. Change the doctor. You will not easily find knowledgeable doctor in this, but at least find some willing to cooperate and you guide your treatment.

You need to be assertive without being an asshole, straight up tell him you’re not interested in clomid and that you are declining his offer, if he doesn’t like it, too bad. If he puts up a fight tell him goodbye.

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This is going to sound stupid, can I use the 5(50mg) clomid tabs and split it into 1/2 or 1/4(12.5-25mg)…and use it as help, to maintain SARMS gains from a 5-6 weeks 15mg/day rad 140 cycle?

I am on TRT already 200mg/week

That is unlikely to do a lot for you. If you are concerned about suppression after the RAD cycle a PCT won’t hurt, but that low dose probably wouldn’t make much difference and being a short run…but it won’t hurt. Not much chance of long term sides or sides at all with that.

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I know SARMS can be a bit supressive, especially this and one more, but had no idea you can loose the gains after because of that

I also forgot to tell you I’m on 200mg/TRT. Let’s say I won’t go the clomid route with doctor and continue Test…what ccan I do with 5 50mg clomid tabs for the trial run, toss it or save it or what

waste of time while on any exogynous. Put them in a drawer just in case.

Don’t waste your time and money. Rather put the effort into switching to a doc who got the knowledge and knows his/her sh*t.