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My Path to Being Awesome

Hello, I have posted a few times but not often enough to be recognized. But i lurk around quite a bit and love this site. But i feel like a log will keep me a little more honest and hopefully members will help with motivation. Schools out and it is now time to start cuttin off the winter fat and look good. Especially being recently single i need to get some sort of leanness back again.

As of right now i am 6-2 210lbs 20yrs old. Bodyfat i dont know nor really care. I tend to use the mirror to know how im doing. Current 1Rm’s are 405 deadlift 320 bench 185 press and pre injury squat was 405x2. I have a unknown knee injury that limits pretty much any sort of quad work. I still hit my hammies pretty hard but i havent been able to do any quad dominant work until recently i found that i can do hack squats but can only go so heavy.

I attempted self rehab as advised by a forum member but found that that hurt it even worse than squatting. Once financial situation is a little better i will get it checked out and am guessing some sort of surgery will be required. I truly hate not being able to squat and attempted to work through it for months but it kept getting worse and became unbearable. Now it is hard for me to walk up stairs or even run painfree… I hope that i dont get hated on to much for not squatting but i fully intend to start again once the knee gets fixed.

leg training will be explosive exercises in nature such as cleans and box jumps. But hack squats will be done as long as pain stays bearable. Hammies will be hit hard still as i feel like i have to do something for my legs. Otherwise its a fairly typical like bodybuilding split wiwth some performance related stuff. I also do a decent amount of grappleing with my buddy and some basketball depending on the knee.

The plan is to get down to im guessing around 190-195 depending on what the mirror shows. Tomorrow will be day 1 of cutting and i hope that some of you will decide to follow this. The goal is to slowly drop weight while atleast maintaining if not gaining some sort of strength.

Nutrition: I plan to just clean up my diet a little bit and incorporate some cardio for droppping the weight. This seemed to work last year so it will be a go this year as well. I will stick to eggs, steak, chicken, and other types of meat. A decent amount of vegies and lots of fruit earlier in the day. I plan to avoid alcohol like the plague but if i do drink it will never be during the week and only friday or saturday depending on if i lift friday. That would be leg day and leg days will depend on how the knee feels.

For supplements and nutrition: i take a pure whey mixed with karbolyn immediatly post workout followed by 16 oz of chocolate milk. Within an hour it will be either a stake and potato or chicken and potato with veggies. Otherwise it will be fish oil, Occasional midday shake depending on schedule, joint support, and coffee preworkout. eggs and a shake for breakfast with fruit everyday. The rest will change daily but remain clean.

I understand this is very unorganised but the log its self will be in much better shape. Im just to tired to type this whole thing out correctly at this time. If there are any questions or concerns feel free to ask. This is my first log so and pointers on that will be greatly appreciated as well.

Monday may 21: Chest and high rep tris

Flat Bench 235x5 245x5 255x5 265x4 275x2
Incline DB 50lbs for 5x20
INcline flys 25x10x2
Cable crossover 30 lbs 5x10 with a long squeeze
Rope pressdowns 30lbs 4x25 superset with band pull aparts 25 reps
Some ab work supersetted with pushups

Wanted to do cardio but had a super busy day with unexpected things coming up… But all in all very good workout and diet went very well

HIIT at 1 pm today after a couple meals and hittin heavy back tonight. will post up later

Tuesday may 22: Back n Bi’s

Bent over rows 135x15 185x15 225x15 275x12 315x10x2
Lat pulldowns Dont remember weights or really focus on them. I just stay between 10 and 15 reps and get real good long squeezes
Seated row 140x25x4
Some one arm isolation stuff for the lats. not really sure on a name its just something me and my partner have always done at the end of back workouts
speed deads from 1 plate deficit 10x3 at 225
Deadlift has been stalled lately and it only at the bottom so i figured id give these a try instead of full deads

Dumbell curls 25x10 30x10 35x10 40x10 25x20
21’s with just a bar: this was a blast from the past. brought back the highschool weight room days
1 arm cable curls with long squeeze 2x20 with 17.5 lbs