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My Partner's Post-Pregnancy Program


hi there ladies, please excuse the intrusion but i though this would be the best place to get some constructive criticism and advice.

Just over 6 weeks ago my wife and i had our first child together, baby was fine and a beautiful lil girl.
Due to my partner losing a child at 25 weeks a few years ago we opted for her to relax and just enjoy the pregnancy.
She started off not wanting to put on weight and ate healthy blah blah blah , then came the cravings and well you can guess the rest.

Now baby is in a routine and is getting bigger my partner has decided to get back into shape.
She set her goal at around 135-140 pounds, and is now about 175.
As we cant afford both her my self and my son to all go to the gym as im the sole breadwinner at the moment, i devised her a playground workout she does 3 times a week , shes also doing fast paced nepa walks before breakfast 3-4 times also.

she does press ups supersetted with inverted rows or fat boy rows some call them on a low laying bar 3-4 sets 10 reps

Then she does step ups on to a high ledge super setted with tricep dips with her feet up to make it harder.

she does walking prisoner lunges supersetted with laying leg raises or crunches

she finishes it off with planks supersetted with prisoner squats.

she eats a low carb high protein type of diet eating 4-5 small meals with whey shakes 1 or 2 a day insted of meals when she cant eat.

Now shes got a big heart and likes to be pushed and always comes home or looks sweaty and flushed when i train her.

Ideally i would have her at the gym but as i stated times are tough.

Can any mums offer any advice and tell me how long they took to shed their pounds, or any other ideas for getting the desired result.

I love and adore my lady and dont like her to feel blue cause of how she looks to herself.

so any help would be appreciated.

thanks DZA


Congrats on the new baby.
You may find this article useful and good luck!


thanks for the congratulations, checked out ross training and theres some brutal home training methodologys to part take in.

here come the sandbags and tyres...