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My Oxandrolone Log


I know this will end up being a basic/weak and perhaps even pointless cycle to a lot of you, but regardless I've decided to keep a log here just in case anyone is interested in my progress or would like to implement something that works for me into their own oral cycles.

I've received some very valuable feedback from a couple "Steroid Forum" vets and feel that I am prepared as I'll ever be for my first cycle. If you're wondering my reasons for choosing oxandrolone you can PM me and I'll gladly let you know, but for now just know I have my reasons, injectables are just not an option for me at this time.

I made my caps using oxandrolone powder, so I saved quite a bit there and capped them myself with each pill dosed at 20mg.

Weight: 220lbs
Bodyfat: 12%
LBM: 194lbs

100mg oxandrolone ED for Weeks 1-6
(three daily doses, 40-40-20)
20mg Nolva ED for Weeks 7-9

Support supplements will be...
15g fish oil a day
500mg milk thistle a day
ECA 24/200/80 as needed


Took my first 20mg nightly dose tonight, will formally start tomorrow morning, I expect to start seeing some effects within 1-2 weeks.


is this the only oral avaiable to you? why did you choose oxandrolone out of other possible oral cycles? (not being a dick actually asking)


"If you're wondering my reasons for choosing oxandrolone you can PM me and I'll gladly let you know, but for now just know I have my reasons, injectables are just not an option for me at this time."


I have done 40mgs over a prolonged period(3 months). Up too 60 but the cramping got to me.
I also towards the end started to get a lethargic feeling from it which prompted me to stop the cycle.

I think you will enjoy this stuff very much. Although as you know not much to gain but a few lbs over all. And just be prepared there is a minor shutdown to it, at least there was for me. And enjoy the strength gains!! This is my drug of choice so far in my experiments.


Thanks, from what I understand 12 weeks is a lot longer then most suggest for oral cycles...even for a drug as mild as Anavar, I'm expecting moderate shutdown and will do my best to address that with the Nolva.

I hope to not have to deal with lethargy as I'm fairly sure that would only happen if I tried to stretch the cycle out longer.

Strength gains are my main focus right now anyway, though I wouldn't mind any added weight but I'll be sure to post how I'm feeling throughout.


Honestly there was nothing to worry about with the shutdown. It was so mild within a week or 2 the boyz were back in order. There was a mild depression that was about it.


be interested to see what you get out of it.

A little off topic for those who have good and extensive experience of the drug; What would 60-100mg be like during a test cycle (test whatever-ionate..)? Would the strength and quality just drown in the test gains?

I would assume so TBH..
My experience of weaker anabolics alone is much less disappointing than when i have used the weaker anabolics stacked with stronger ones (deca and test with eq and winstrol namely).

Is there any point at all?



I have a friend who used to be a bodybuilder but got in a real bad motorcycle crash and actually had some muscles amputated (one being front right delt) So he doesn't like to take a lot of stuff anymore but does enjoy looking as best as possible as well as make whatever improvements he can in the gym.

He also does 100mg 6week runs of anavar.

Not much muscle gain but I can tell when he does it as he is leaner and vascular. lol He said he loves it because it is very 'clean' and that its very easy to come off of.

not much but it's a story that I know of somebody personally doing. He plans on 2-3 6 weekers a year. He didn't like OT or Winny by itself and isn't interested in Drol or Dbol. He said he might go on TRT when older because now he's only 27 lol.



Thanks Dirty, thats good to know. Besides the increased leaness and vascularity does he see a few pounds mass gain and some strength increases?


a lot of strength increases but not soo much lbs in mass gain. He doesn't eat for mass tho. He doesn't train for bbing anymore because of the crash. Now more or less just looking good for the ladies. lol He's a gymrat and I think his passion for the weights is what keeps him 'on' occasionally.

Shoot he can still pull upwards of 400 and bench 225 for a few reps...without a right anterior delt! lol



Which federation do you lift in?


Haven't competed in years so nothing right now.


It could just be a placebo effect but my muscles are beginning to feel harder when contracted then usual.

This leads me to ask, those of you who've used Anavar in the past...how long before you began to see any sort of effect? I've mostly heard 1-3 weeks.


I felt it first time I took a dose. Something hit but it was more a mellow kinda feeling and oily skin. Once the workout began. I seen an aggression/passion like nothing else. When I fully realized it hit me it was 2 weeks in. And my strength increased and the pumps lasted 24/7. I felt on top of my game at the gym. And I was good to go the very next day with another workout. Enjoy your ride I am jealous :wink:


Really? That seems very soon to be feeling such a profound effect? My skin is naturally pretty oily, so if it became anymore so I would certainly notice, have yet to feel anything in the gym either but I'm sure that will come.

I hope to feel the same as you do in two weeks. Thanks.


Just wondering how things are going...



anyone say how anavar effects cardio?


Well its still been less then a week at this point so I'm not expecting much.

But I can say for the past 3 or so days I've had a pretty good pump when not training (and during training), I was also quite high energy training today and Friday even with a bad week nutrition wise, which usually isn't the case. So placebo or not at this point something has changed for the better.

As for Anavars effects on cardio, not sure, sorry.


Sounds like its starting to kick in. The pumps are the first you will see. Keep it up. You might get a lethargic feeling too eventually. Just work past it.

Oh its very very mild so don't expect a kick or anything like that this is just about it for what you can feel.

Also just to fuck around try loading some extra weight and see if you can push passed what you normally do for reps. I bet you will be able to see a strength difference.