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My Own Problem


Hi, Im not form USA so my english could be poor.

I discovered my problem 2 years egoand :

Test: 360ng/dl (280-800)
Estradiol : 27 pg/dl (8-43)
SHBG: 19,7 nmol/l

After 1,5 year I found doctor whoo decided to help me.

I'm taking HCG 5000iu e5d.

no my parameters are like:

Test: 980ng/dl
Estradiol: 86pg/dl
Test free: 41 pg/dl

And I have still problem with fat, water retention and so on.

What should I do?

My doctor will not presribe me armidex or other IA.


Are you sure you have the right units for your Estradiol?

I mean 86pg/dl is equivalent to .86pg/ml

Might want to look at the stickies and have a read. 5000IU every 5 days is absurd. 5000IU is probably almost good enough to last you 10 weeks.

Might want to add in some reference ranges


Yes my bad for 86pg/ml- sory for mistake.

Reference ranges:

Test (280-800)


sorry, my mistake 86 pg/ml

Referance rages:

Test (280-800 ng/dl)

estradiol (8-43 pg/ml)


More appropriate dosage would be around 250 iu 3x/week. You are taking way more than that, causing estrogen issues with no extra T increase. You are way past the point of diminishing returns.

Talk to your doctor about switching to a more sensical protocol and see if this helps your estrogen.


I have to switch doctor, because he will not change protocol. I talked with him about it.

So if 5000iu is 2ml of substance, so I should take 0,1 ml?

But also look at this, when I had low testosterton i have to high etsrogen to this test level. After increassing testsosteron the amout of e2 has increassed proportionately.


If you are self injecting just adjust the dosage yourself. If your doctor wants to be ignorant treat him that way. Just get your script when you run out. Which will be a while since he writes you out 5000 iu every 5 days.

Yes .1ml is 250iu so dose it like that, if you continue to have high E2 look at trying aromasin or arimidex.

If doctor will not prescribe you an AI you will have to change doctors.


Ok, so I've started injections in new way (since yestrday).

But I still need to find new doctor to get prescription for aromasin or arimidex, maybe also for proviron.

Is SERM like tamoxifen also necessary?


SERM is not necessary with the HCG.