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My Own Gym is Finally a Reality


decided recently to get my own gym mainly because I train alot and the gym I use is over crowded and I quite like the idea of being able to access iron any time.

So I have been given permission to use some space inside a warehouse my father works in (Stroke of luck I know)

I also purchased power rack which is on the way and as if by fate a friend told me of someone selling a full gym basically... squat rack, olympic bar, 300 kg of weight, bench, decline bench,dip station, curl bar, calf raise and 0 - 50kg in dumbells

heres the amazing part its only £2500 for all of that!

going to view the equipment tomorrow and hopefully have my own gym going by next week. best week ever! will keep u posted with pics etc


lucky bastard..

Where in ireland are you? need a training partner over easter.. :wink:


That's good shit mate, I'm proper jealous! It's my plan to have my own gym. I don't mean for personal use though, I want a gym with members and stuff. A no bullshit gym.


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How does a 0kg dumbbell work though


lol you srs I'm curling one now!


Me too

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Well done buddy! I'm so jealous!!


Yeah, now just take the guys that are cool from your old gym and you will have a cool little non-ghey training team.

All the good shit none of the bad.

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I blame HolyMacaroni.

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