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My Own FML


background, getting married, cousin is throwing bridal shower for the fiance.

through email:

Mom: What size lingerie does Sarah wear?
Me: Eww, that's gross, you're not buying her that


  • shakes head ...speechless, ashamed, disappointed, feels like punching you in the balls* EMAIL HER BACK OR BUY THE LINGERIE AND GIVE IT TO YOUR MOM TO GIVE TO SARAH.


Damn Marylanders.


like you're that far away :wink:


I have a FML...

My brother: Hey I have $2500 bucks for you.
Me: Cool, how did you do that?
Brother: I borrowed your car and wrecked it, the $2500 is the insurance pay-out.



Awesome story




My mother bought my wife some at our wedding. I didn't mind.

It was awful shit though. My mother has a worse sense of style than I do.


Whats an FML?


Fuck me life.


or, in American, Fuck MY life ... fuckin' Brits :slight_smile:


I drove too fast home from the gym the other day and walked in on my girl about to change into a sexy outfit for me. FML

so she was just nude and we did it. tough life.


I was trying to speak his language, ok!


That's fucking terrible man. Simply awful.


What's worse is that he has no pics of it to post, FML.


ok, ok ... touchy aren't we?


That shit gets expensive, just be thankful you're not having to pay for it!


Perfectly done, sir! We Brits like a bit of colourful language too. Fucking Yanks! (j/k)




I haven't had sex in 6 bloody years. I'm 21 now. FML