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My Own ANACONDA Protocol...


I'm thinking of replacing my intraworkout BCAAs with an ANACONDA based protocol.

However, I genuinely can't afford a full protocol..neither 1 nor 2 and I don't feel the need to include pre-workout carbs nor intra workout carbs. Instead..I'd like to replace the 10gs of BCAAs that I use intra workout with 1-2 scoops of ANACONDA alone...no MAG-10..perhaps I'd add GPC, though.

Would it be worth it to go from pure BCAAs to say 1 scoop of ANACONDA? Or am I better off with 2 scoops?


Any particular reason for not including any pre-workout carbs?

I'd go with 1 Anaconda + 1 MAG-10 over 2 Anaconda if money is an issue. Plus, some people don't tolerate a lot of Anaconda well (I think due to the particular form of creatine used).

BCAAs vs Anaconda - I think it would be better to compare BCAAs with MAG-10, since Anaconda also has creatine and beta alanine added. MAG-10 has a complete amino-acid profile, plus the di- and tri- peptides are supposed to be absorbed better than single amino acids. [I'd love to hear MODOK elaborate on this a bit!]



Yeah, I know about backloading. I need to get Kiefer's book soon!

Making a DIY Anaconda is a pain in the ass. Trust me, I've done it, mixing it every single time out of about something like 8 ingredients (also had carbs in there). And the flavouring I used for it (made by a UK supp company) tasted awful.

I'd say give it a try and see how you like it.


I agree with bip. If you want the creatine and hydration stuff thats in Anaconda but want more total protein Id go with a scoop of both. I think 2 scoops of Anaconda is overkill only because of extra unneccessary creatine. I have done 2 scoops and handled it alright but felt it didnt add anything beyond the extra protein.


I just purchased a jug of MAG-10 ...Looking to try this intra workout :

1-2 scoops MAG-10
10g BCAAs
5g Creatine Mono

I'm including the BCAAs because I have a ton of them that I need to use up anyway..can't hurt?


Cant hurt but will probably ruin the taste and mixability of MAG-10.


Good point..they are flavored though..same flavor as I chose for the MAG-10..grape. Would 2 scoops of just MAG-10 and 5g creatine work as well?


Should do. But if you are looking to get rid of the BCAAs why not take them prior to the workout and drink the MAG during?


Haha..good point my friend!