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My OVT Experiment

I’m going to try ovt after about a year of whole body routines. I’ve decided to do this after realizing my gains have all but stopped in the last few months. The results will be a little skewed as I’m taking sustevol, but I figured this is so different from what I’ve been doing there’s no way I don’t get results.

I’ll post every workout #'s and give bodyweight #'s every Monday. I’m taking in around 4000cals a day and will adjust accordingly. I’ll post before pics on Mon and after pics at the end of the program.

Well, tonight was my first night and I gotta be honest, I was a little weirded out. Here’s how my sets went:
Bench 245x5 flyes 30’sx5
225x5 30’sx5,205x5 30’sx5, 205x3[???]30’sx5, 185x5 30’sx5
incline 185x5&30’s 175x4&30’s, 155x5&30’s,155x5&30’s, 155x5&30’s.

Back went smoother so I won’t post #'s. I was way dissapointed in my bech. That’s a 60lb dropoff in worksets. DAMN. I’m posting pics right now. I weigh 181.5 in these pics.

Front relaxed I guess is what this is called.

Back, standing as straight as possible.

I’ll post leg pics tommorrow before I hit the gym. I’m lazy when it comes to legs, so I’m using this to get my shit together and put up some weight. I’ll be subbing back squats for front.

I know this sounds kinda lame, but my chest doesn’t look as big in the front pic as it normally does. If my body has a strong point, it’s definately my chest, at least appearance wise. I’ll try and get a better pic, or maybe ya’ll will take my word for it…

Here’s a slightly better front pic. No, I’m not naked…

Well, a week and a half in I’m liking the program. My bench didn’t budge from week 1-2, but tonight my squats felt better and I’m diggin’ a whole day devoted to both arms and shoulders. Obviously it’s too early to tell what’s going on, but at the very least I’m enjoying doing something completely different from what I’m used to.

I got 315 for the first 2 sets of 5 in the rack tonight [I subbed leg ext. with lunges] so I’m gonna bump it up to 325 next Tues. I’ve noticed I’m most sore 2 days after training the specific muscle, which I’m not used to, and I have to lighten up the weights CONSIDERABLLY between sets. I’ll get back at the end of the week.

I only stuck with the program for 3 weeks. My joints were starting to hurt and I went to jail for a couple of days which kinda threw everything off. I gained right at 5lbs and my lifts went up.

Bench 245x5 to 255x5
Squat 305x5 to 335x5
military 145x5 to 175x5
bbcurl 95x5 to 115x5

I hadn’t done a split since I began training somewhat correctly, and I gotta admit I like it. I’m going to move on to the shut up program but stick with a rep bracket for 3 weeks instead of changing every week. Now I’m at 3 sets of 8 on a 4 day split.

Looking at my pics I noticed the lighting drowned out my “muscularity” [I know, I know]. I’ll post pics later in the week to show progress. I really enjoyed the program and reccomend it to anyone looking to shock some strength and size on their frame.

Here are some updated pics two weeks into a modified “shut up” split. I dropped my camara so I don’t know how they’ll turn out. Here goes…

here’s another. Excuse the shitty photos. We now know my career as a photographer is out the window…

Here’s Gus genuinely unimpressed by my photography skills.

I have no idea if the pics will show it, but I’ve added around 7-8lbs since the start of OVT and have gotten some added vascularity in my upper arms, shoulders and chest. I’ve always been “reasonably” lean [under 12%]and have maintained a visible 4-pack throughout the process. I’ve been hanging with my ex lately [I know, I know] and she’s been commenting on my increased size.

All in all I’ve enjoyed split training, but once I hit my goal of 195 I’ll shift to a more “performance oriented” program for a few weeks, just to get back any athleticism I might have lost.