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My outer bi-ceps suck. What to do?

I have weak outer Biceps developement and it is really getting to me. I have a nice peak with good separation when I do a bicep pose but if you look at the pose from behind, my arm just looks like a big chunk o meat. What is the best excercise for this area? Here is my usual biceps routine:
Day 1: 3sets for 8reps of wide grip E-Z curl, 3sets for 8reps of narrow grip E-Z curl, 3sets for 8reps of wide grip Reverse curl on E-Z curl bar. 2sets for 8Reps of Hammer curls.

Day 3: 3sets for 8reps of Machine Pulley curls, 3sets for 8reps of alternate dumbell curls. 2sets for 8Reps of Hammer curls.

Day 5: Same as Day 1.

I dont do curls on a straight barbell because it tweaks my wrist. Could this be the missing link? I hope not. Any GOOD advice would be appreciated.

You should definitely start doing some incline curls. They thoroughly work the part of the bicep you are referring to because your arm is in a stretched position. Try doing drop sets of incline hammer curls with regular grip incline dumbell curls…8-10 reps of each…you’ll want to take a 10 second break after you finish your set of hammers and then grab a pair of dumbells 10 lbs lighter and knock out the regular incline dumbell curls…rest 2 minutes and repeat 3 times…
after this try doing a couple of sets of 21’s on the incline bench with dumbells…head back, arms down and back, biceps fully stretched…come halfway up 7 times, then go all the way up and all the way down 7 times, and then go from the midpoint to all the way up 7 times…i think you’ll be immediately impressed with the results.
Also the form on all types of incline dumbell work should be just like that…head back, arms down and back…try to keep your elbows pointing at the floor, if you let them come up you lessen the effectiveness of the exercise.