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My Opinion on Healthiest Blast: 12 Wks, Test/HGH

After much research I believe the blast with most risk reduction (or least impact on health) is a 12 week blast of test 300, 2 iu hgh once a year.

Anyone have opinions or changes?

I personally would use it more frequently than that. :joy:

In terms of what you’re looking for I would say this: the test is a bad dose and the GH can be much higher before hitting any harmful levels.

Test at 300 is the absolute no-man’s land for most guys. It’s enough to maybe need an AI, but using one will almost certainly crash e2. You’re better off at 200 or 500 simply from a daily management standpoint.

As far as GH goes, 1iu/d is considered replacement for men within the medical world. And those men are usually in their 50’s or above. So 2iu isn’t quite enough to justify the cost and the hassle. Based on IGF-1 numbers I’ve seen guys post 4iu is where you start to see the most dramatic improvements.

The most harm reduction focused blast that would deliver results worth taking the risks would be moderate test (400-600), primo (500-800), and GH (start at 6iu eod and slowly move upwards as needed). Primo is about the safest thing out there, besides testosterone. It was engineered to be safe and mild. Hell, women were given a gram a week for months and they didn’t have any real side effects.


I have to stay legal and I can legally get test, hgh, deca, oxandrolone

I was thinking this: after one cc of test my TT is 1900 (5 days after pin). Maybe I should stay on test 300 and 4 iu hgh year round. Bad idea?

Or do 12 weeks test 500 plus 4 iu hgh, do that once a year?


How much is HGH through a clinic? My clinic does not prescribe it and says it’s illlegal too which from what I can find is truthful.


It’s still pretty harsh on lipids no?

500 for 15 units…

Several clinics have it… easy to find, just damn expensive

But I can’t do UG, worth it for me to stay legal…

$500 for 15iu? Crazy

Sure is

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It’s not worth it at that price. Even if you take 1iu, which will do essentially nothing unless you’re a lot older, that’s $1,000/mo. For that amount of money you can do a hell of a lot more with legal peptides and have money left to spend on something enjoyable. The peptides won’t do shit either, but it’ll be a cheaper waste of your money.

It is indeed pretty tough on lipids. But my argument boils down to the estimation that poor lipids for 16 weeks out of the year is less harmful than whatever blood vessel damage you’re doing over 20 weeks with nandrolone.


What about doing 4 units hgh daily and 300 mg test year round as long as health markers are fine?

GH doesn’t have to be taken daily ??

He just made some great posts about HGH in the how to HGH thread. I suggest reading those.

The short answer is no. The long answer is also no. There is no statistically significant difference between ed and eod administration, but the medium and long term benefits of eod are meaningful.


What’s your opinion on this?

Which option you think is healthier or less risk:
6 weeks anadrol vs 15 weeks deca at 400mg

Goal, live a long and healthy life (while still being jacked lol)

Anadrol is probably healthier just because it’s the shorter of the two options and it’s used in clinical settings for long periods of time. The problem is some people get bad BP issues with it, so that’s not optimal. But six weeks is also not going to add a lot of real muscle. It’ll add some, sure, but the problem is always the same with orals: time is the best muscle builder and orals are not compatible with time.

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So in your opinion, healthiest way to blast is 500 test x 12 weeks with 4 iu hgh daily. Is that correct? Once a year right?

Probably double the length of the GH, but otherwise that’s likely the healthiest way of going about PED use. (This assumes a starting point that is not compromised already, obviously)

Anyone care to comment on the safety health wise of the following blast (age 32):

1-12: 500mg test cyp \ week
1-12: 150mg tren enth \ week

I am 4 weeks in and the strength and lean gains (start weight 58.5kg, currently now at 63kg) are incredible. Im short, not underweight. Other than increased sweating, no sides whatsoever yet, and I doubt any will come. Sweating was quite a bit worse when I started tren at 200mg a week, and hence the reduction to 150mg. I have not made another thread or post regarding this blast.

I believe tren increases IGF-1 to a large extent.

You better be 5’0” for that to qualify

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