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My one-gram of test cycle

If I were to do a cycle of test and wan´t to be off after 8 weeks it seems I can´t really have 8 weekly injections of the stuff right?

Here´s how I figured the best way to use a gram
per week and go off after 8 weeks.

day 1 1250 mg ,
day 8 1000 mg,
day 15 1000 mg,
day 22 1000 mg,
day 29 1000 mg ,
day 36 750 mg,
day 42 none but rougly 500-600 mg should remain
from earlier injections.6 days =halflife,
day 48 none but 250-300 mg should remain,
day 54 none but 125-150 mg should remain,
day 60 none but 62-75 mg remains. This would be the day to consider myself off, right ?

Since blood levels of T. would be pretty low
after roughly 7 weeks can I use the last 11 (maybe 14) days of the cycle for dieting eg lose some of the fat gained during the cycle ?

Any comments greatly appreciated.