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My Olympia writeup

In this week’s issue of Testosterone, coming out in two days, is a letter in Reader Mail taking me to task for not giving the “true” reasons that Chris Cormier and Paul Dillet did not compete in the Mr. Olympia (Reader Mail issue 128). As TC said in his response on my behalf, I don’t have a clue. I seem to remember reading in Flex or somewhere two or three months ago that Dillet was not going to compete, due to some injury, but cannot remember any details. He was there and looked quite healthy though a bit small (for him). Cormier was there, too, as I state in the writeup, but again, only rumors about him having an “accident” or getting sick vacationing or partying in Mexico is what I heard.

We’re not really that plugged in to the pro bodybuilding insider gossip, actually. Not to the extent that some must think we are. Believe me, I’m not trying to shield these guys, I don’t know them personally, but if you know WHY they didn’t compete, then please tell us.

Milos Sarcev and Mike Matorazo were out of the line-up too. Mike did the cyber-cast, and looked pretty small. The latest rumor is that Dillet got arrested the day after the show.

What I really want an explanation for is why Levrone and Ray did not place 1-2. Both of these guys showed up with “classic” physiques, and from a business standpoint would be better for promoting Weider anyway.

I heard from a source in San Diego, CA that Chris Cormier over dosed on heroin with friend, Dennis Newman while they were partying in Tijuana, Mexico. I heard this before it was announced that Chris Cormier would not be competing.

I heard that Milos and paul had a little problem with insulin.

actually i believe milos had a synthol problem from shooting his biceps and it travelled to his chest

GUys, just look in the new Flex. It actually as an interview with Milos, and he tells the whole mishap of the synthol- just before he was doing a guest posing, he slipped, and injected it right into the vein. traveled to his heart and lungs, tells the rest of the details in the mag- but he was fucked up big time. Cormier, just states that he was deyhsrated and a rough schedule. I don’t buy it, but that was his expanation.