my older brother

hey guys and ladies,

my older brother was a serious lifter.
he lives in georgia and in Oct 2002
he placed in masters over 40 at 140k 1st
and 2nd place in open division with 3 state records 217.5k squat,165k bench press, and 205k deadlift total 587.5k
all this with serious health problems
over the last 8 yrs. he had dbl bypass
8yrs ago(genetic high colesterol) diabetic last 5 yrs, his doc told him to
stop due to tremendous stress on his heart. he’s not happy about that,however
he still does lift just not as intense
as he did when traning and says that sucks…i will be seeing him this summer and meeting my neph for the first
time! he’s almost 4 months old and growing fast. i wish i was healthy now and i’d be lifting too. hopefully soon.
just sharing and proud him too…