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My Old School thinking challenged

Coach Morris,

I agree that the main stream stuff sells well. It’s unfortunate because I’m just getting back into training and doing Staley’s EDT, which only does abs once a week. The people at my gym say I need to do abs 3 times a week. Moreover, they say that ab training will make your fat melt away.

That’s not what I’ve found with T-Mag contributors. They say focus on compound movements which will burn more calories and build more muscle.

After reading T-Mag I feel bad for a lot of these men who are walking on the tread mill for 60 minutes a day and who are still flabby.

I’ve been out of shape for a while but I can tell you that lifting hard and eating right really contribute to a better look.

I’ve told some people at the gym about T-Mag and they are checking it out. Hopefully, they’ll find it helpful.

Cybergenics, smilax, dibencozide…
Havent heard those names in a while.

What a load of SHIT! I remember buying my first cyergenics “kit”, the local GNC was holding a contest (kind of like the Bill Phillips thing), who ever got the best results won another box of the shit.

and smilax, Holy Shit was that stuff nasty, tasted like battery acid.

Love these “blast from the past” memories! I tried the Hot Stuff back when it first came out. I was so excited because I gained about ten pounds over the course of my first two buckets. Funny thing was, though, that it seemed to stop working after that…I guess I now know why (had I known it back then, I probably would’ve stocked up on the good stuff while it lasted!!).

How about pre-digested protein, circa early-80’s? Came in those clear plastic bottles, and had the viscosity of hair gel? In my gym it was fondly referred to as “Gorilla Cum” due to its tantalizing flavor. But you know what? We still choked that stuff down, hoping it’d be our growth elixir.

As far as training paradigms, I believe that–after doing the one-bodypart-per-workout approach for several years–I’m now better served by doing compound movements, hitting each major muscle group twice per week. I believe its working so well because the relatively less stress per workout (I don’t go to failure) is easier on my joints, yet I get two windows to stimulate growth for each body part. Then again, I’m an antigue, so maybe this approach is only best for older lifters.

I did the cybergenics thing - followed it to the letter and got amazing results from it.

I must have been the poster boy for the placebo effect.