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My Offseason Cycle and Introduction

Hi guys, i would like to use this thread also to introduce myself to forum members, i read forum for quite some time but never actually posted anything, iam 23 years old 264lbs weight and 6ft3 tall. Ive got 2 competions done so far, atm iam in 3. week of my off season cycle. So 3 weeks since diet so far. I started with AS when i was 19 age old

My off season cycle is
3.5G Sustanon/weekly
2,5g Boldenone unde/weekly
800mg Deca/weekly
200mg NPP/eod

Metformin 2g daily (i prefer metformin over insuline, because you can get some best painful pumps on metfo so far, with insuline i was more on toilet than working out, it doesnt suit me and never did thats why i dont use slin at all)
Lexaurin+somatomax before sleep ( I personaly think its most important part to get proper full night sleep so i use lexaurin and change it for rivotril after 2 weeks, it calmes you down and you dont have any zombie mode in the morning)
Anastrazole 2mg/daily
15iu pharmacy gh daily split into 3 shots (5/5/5)
GHRP6 3 times daily (this is actually very important peptide to eat as much as you can)
Ipamorelin (just because i have some left)

Diet: Iam not big fan of eating lots of calories in clean food, so its maybe rare but i prefer little bit more dirty style bulking diet, so i eat around 10-12k calories daily, but by dirty its not like i eat choocolate as much as i can as solo food, i always try to make complete food with lots of protein/carbs and fat.

Health and side effects: I dont have any side effects from AS at all, and i never had since i started, ofc i do blood work regulery, my biggest problem was always heartburn but i dont think AS made it much worst actually, because i had problems with crazy heartburn when i was kid long ago before i started with AS, i was idiot that i didnt take any meds like omeprazole, so i developed barrett’s esophagus, but very small and mild without dysplasia, i have to take 20mg omeprazole twice daily now and visit doc for check. So dont take it easy like i did, heartburn can be pretty serious shit if you ignore it for long time. I always suffer mild/moderate harm ocd, which i had as kid too lol, when i went to scholl it dissapered for long years and went back in 22, after like 10 years suddenly after watching somce crime news it was back. Funny part is that iam very chill and non agressive person in life, i never had fight with some1 never had problem even on high dosage of tren to be agressive. Also i think AS helped me alot in terms of mental health. Atm ive got everything under control its maybe still there somewhere in head, but it doesnt affect my life anymore, cardio/running is also great to fight any kind of depression. I never had to visit doc. also i think its all in the head and every mental problem need to be solved by person itself first.

Training: I train 6x times a week hight intesity/high reps with supersets, i hit every body part twice a week.

I would like to start log here so i can track my progress so far. So wow what a wall of text, iam glad to be here and sorry for bad english :smiley:

Yowzer, how much does this cost?

Its not cheap for sure :slight_smile: got 1 pen for 2 days pretty much.

Yeah, with 7G of juice a week, this isn’t a bargain basement cycle fo sho.

Ask some questions in the Shadow pro thread and in Christian Thibaudeau’s forum -for half that gear and calories (still a huuge amount) at 6’3 you should be 300lbs or more in the offseason, especially to be competitive. Basically learn how to get results without going so crazy.

Also unless you are placing at NPC level shows or work in a hedge fund etc it makes no financial sense

Actually iam only 3 weeks since last comp. so i aim to get on these numbers you write, its lots of gear but problem is i dont have crazy sides but i also dont have very good response to low dosage of gear (maybe because i went with dosage up year by year too fast) also i run pretty much basic stuff, no harsh orals/ no tren. But yeah i can give it a shot and ask some questions to make it better, eating that much is more laziness for me, iam very strict in pre contest diet (count every single gram, every minute on cardio need to be done lol) but once competions ends i feel like i want to live too, be with girlfriend which suffer whole prep but i still wanna grow so its easier to eat alot then count clean calories and food. I forgot to add that i run 50mcg T3 daily.

I will post my blood results in 1 week which i ordered, its 4 week since 50mg halo together with 30mg methyldrost and 200mg tren ace daily so i expect some numbers still way up.

when (time) will you shoot the gh?

I use GH after waking up 45 min before i eat together with GHRP6, then post workout usually and before i go to sleep, if i raise to 20iu daily i will most likely split dosage to more shots. Iam on GH for very long time already, it makes me feel great in general, but i didnt started with 15iu lol, i had problems with sides at 6iu when i started, i slowly build up tolerance till this level, now sky is the limit lol. In pre contest diet i usually dont use more then 10iu daily. But to gain some mass 10+ is min. i think.

I don’t wanna hear another word that I use too much.

But for real crop your face and cover tats but, can you post up some pics?

Iam still at anti doping monitoring, so i prefer not to haha, i would like to maybe in future, i have pretty active social medias and risk that some1 will recognize me…you know.

7.5 grams a week 15iu gh ed , 10,12000 calories a day either your source is screwing you or you have horrible genetics. Their is a point of diminished returns, 6’3 264 unless your 6% bdfat, you’re going to have to be much larger, 320 off season 290 stage at least. I know a guy going for his procard at 6’3 320 offseason , 285 huge veins in legs not big enough. I think you are pulling are chains. Or you have to metebolism of humming bird.

Atm iam around 7-8% bodyfat for sure, gained lots of water since last comp. I have all stuff tested, as i said i have really bad genetics too, so i do what i have to do :slight_smile: but products are not problems, got simce/ serum test results. Iam third week in off seasson, at comp i was hard as rock, diet is not problem for me, just wanst big enough most likely, it sux to be 6,3 hah.