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My Off Season Basketball Workout

this is my offseason workout. im keeping the lower body workouts cus they are kelly baggett’s vertical jump bible workouts.

monday: vjb pylos and strength

incline barbell bench press 3x3
bent over barbell rows 3x3
smith machine shoulder press 3x3
ez bar bicep curls 3x8
dumbell tricep extension laying down 3x8
various abdominal work (pikes, medicine ball crunches, etc)

thursday: vjb pylos and strength

flat dumbell bench press 3x12
lat pulldowns wide grip 3x12
dumbell shoulder press 3x12
reverse curls 3x8
shrugs 3x8
various abdominal work

i am focusing on building a lot of strength with this routine. after this i will be working with medicine balls and olympic lifts for explosive power, if anyone knows any great routines like this, please tell me. and if you see anything wrong with my routine please tell me so i can fix it. thanks

Just make sure you’re still doing at least 5 days of basketball training. I know for a while I got caught up with non-basketball training and it hurt me. For every hour you train off the court, you should be on it twice that not counting summer league games. Good luck.

yea i try to play pick up games every once in a while, i hate playing when im sore though, do u think it would matter if i combinded my upper body workouts with my lower body workouts some days? not every week but just some so i can focus on playing basketball wen im not sore

well whats your upper body strength like? I have actually decided to try and maintain upper body strength while working on my legs and my game this summer while trying to drop some body fat.

If you have a good base and you just want to maintain then that should help because your workouts won’t make you as sore. Make sure you stretch after each workout and that should help as far as the soreness as well. Play through the soreness and it should help also.

I can’t answer as to doing upper and lower on the same day. I’m sure somebody on this site or KB could give you a good answer though.

I’m not sure why your upper body program looks like a bodybuilder’s. Your exercise selection is weak. Consider a full body program ala WS4SB with sprints/plyos on your off days.

What position do you play and why are you concentrating so much on strength is the first question?

Keep in mind most of the top drafts in the lottery have horrible numbers in the weight room. So as BobDigiNy said don’t get caught up in gym time. Gym time is for hobby, if your training for basketball you should be out there doing drills or playing.

Your numbers would better help what kind of program you should be on. Height? weight? what are you benching now? squatting? position you play points you score? Are you really looking to improve your game.

I know some great basketball athletes that terribly simple programs and built enough muscle. They were overboard and did spend hours in the gym but it was 4 hours 3 days a week. Vertical jump went through the roof as weel as his size, so if your looking for basic strength an advanced program is not all that necessary.

Any reason for the smith machine overhead press? Overhead/shoulder strength/stiffness is paramount in basketball, dont neglect it by doing a candy-ass lift like that.

wow, i definatly should of checked up on this post sooner than i did, ive been on terminal vertical for a while but now thats shut down or sumthin.

its pretty late to be training and expect amazing gains but i have a good month or two before bball season and maybe a couple weeks during conditioning + tryouts.

but my stats are this:
height- 6’5" close to 6’6"

bench-155 (i no its weak)
squat-255 ( a little better but still pretty weak
deadlift-275 with bad form

in bball games, i usually play center and PF. im pretty physical boxing out and getting rebounds and i hustle on defence. my offence is ok but i really need to post up more aggresivly.

my main thing is i want to gain some inches on my vertical jump. my standing vj is 24" and i really want to get it around 27-28"

right now im gonna start ws4sb3 to add some mass and get stronger. also, im gonna do a day of vjb novice plyos and play bball when i can. also im working on rehabbing my knees and ankles cus they are very weak and often hurt when i play bball.

thanks for the input guys,