My nuts are shriveled and gone

Okay, I feel lately like my nuts have been removed. First of all, I’m a new college coach, coaching a women’s team, working in a fucked-up administrative environment.

This year, the sports admin hired a full-time assistant coach (who is female) simply because the assistant AD (who is female) wanted it that way. However, since I train a few athletes in the area, they offered me this ‘gift’ position that pays about 1/6 of what the female assistant coach’s salary is (but I don’t get any benefits though). Its not even half-enough to live on. Don’t mention the fact that I put in just as much time and effort into the job and that she isn’t any more qualified than me.

Okay, here is the meat and potatoes of the issue. This bitch treats me like I’m her goddamn assistant instead of us both being assistants to the head coach (who, unfortuneately is female as well).

I am not going to quit because I will never let my athletes down and I’m not sure if being an asshole will bring me any respect or just more problems. The head coach is fair but easily swayed by the asshole beaurocrats above her.

Anyone been in this situation or would like to offer your best about reattaching my nuts?


I say put sugar on the woman’s gas tank or ring her doorbell and run that always solves problems for me.

Quit, because the girls on the team will, more times than not, heed another female’s advice before yours;especially when it appears that she has the last word. I gotta tell ya, if it is cheerleading that you’re coaching, you probably will never get the sugar out of your testes!

What’s to think about? QUIT.

If you’re being paid one-sixth of what
the “other” assistant coach is being paid,
then very obviously they’re not valuing
you as being equal to her. It looks like
it’s a case of, well, if this guy wants
to have the hobby of doing some coaching
here for basically no pay, then why not
let him.

Staying “for the athletes” is no reason.
It’s admirable you have that much heart
but you can’t fritter your life away for
the sake of providing a small benefit
to others that they could obtain from
someone else also.

The only reason to stay is if you feel
that you can stick this out for a while
and use it to springboard to a position
that DOES pay a salary that’s appropriate
and that you’re comfortable with. Right
now you’re being used.

From what you’ve said (there may be other
reasons I’m not aware of) I wouldn’t blame
the “other” assistant coach for treating
you as her assistant. Since she’s valued
enough to be paid 6 times what you are,
and you’re not, it’s no wonder she considers
you to be at the very bottom of the pecking
order. I’m sorry to say it, but she’s right:
you are! (And were before she was hired, too,
else they’d have paid you more.)

I know that sounds rude and I apologize for
that but that’s what the situation sounds like
to me.

You can quit without being an asshole. I’d
just say that I like working here but career-wise this salary is not working for me… I need X dollars (I’d specify a range that
the “other” assistant coach’s salary falls
into, rather than naming the same number)
and I need the position of (name same exact title the “other” assistant coach has.) I like
for my services to be valued – if they’re not worth that much to you then I’d like to apply them where they are worth that much to someone… hopefully that can be here though.

What is the head coach being swayed about? Make sure you document this situation with the other coaches. I’m assuming this must be a small team or do you have your own section of girls that you work with? Funny, how if the roles were reversed, everyone would be getting sued by the women.

“Unfortunately is a woman” that says a lot about your attitude I bet. I think think it’s a little ironic that you have a problem with women in authority positions and your on the bottom of the power structure full of women.