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My Night at the Hugger

Fellow T-Men, the Real Deal had an unbelieveable Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. Had a buddy fly into Indy from Texas. I told him whatever we did was completely up to him, so we made a trip up to Kokomo (Chad Coy’s Stomping Grounds). I don’t know if any of you are knowledgeable about Indiana, but Kokomo is about an hour north of Indy and home of the world famous Hip Hugger Strip Club! Let me tell you, the things I saw in that club were borderline prostitution! My buddy was in the midst of getting a “private” dance, with his hands at his sides, enjoying the view, when the “entertainer” stopped and asked him what the hell his problem was! He said, nothing, just enjoying the show, and then she takes his hands and puts them all over her tits, letting him cop all over her! It seems this bar is a totally hands on type of atmosphere. The best part was, “private” dances were only $10! Now, the guys I went with weren’t exactly T-Men, hell to be honest, I think I was the only person there in excellent shape in the entire club. I had two girls who approached me and told me they wanted to masturbate just looking at me! Talk about fueling my ego!

And the entertainers there weren’t exactly your normal, run down, coke snorting types (Ok, I don’t know for sure) but almost all of them could easily grace the pages of at least Hustler! Absolutely beautiful women everywhere, willing to let you feel them up for a small fee. For one of my few nights out without the vixen, this was a memorable night. The only bad part of my night was when my buddy spilled an entire pitcher of Bud Light in my lap right before we decided to leave, but it was all good.

All in all, if any of you fellow T-Men enjoy the occassional strip bar experience and are in the Indy area, definitely make a point to check out the Hugger in Kokomo.

My old rowing coach is from St Catharines, Ont. & he says he’d always go clubbing, etc to Buffalo NY which is just a short drive away. He says one time he went to this one strip club where this guy laid down on the stage & had a bill rolled up in his mouth & one of the girls squatted overr his face & picked it up. :slight_smile:

Drax, this bar made that look tame. Most bars you go to, if you merely sit in “perv” row (the row of stools/chairs near the railing) the girls will gladly come take your donation. However, at this bar, the girls wouldn’t even notice you if you didn’t lay on the stage with them. My buddy sprawled out on stage and slipped a dollar into his half open pants zipper. This girl mounted him in a 69 type fashion and deep throated the dollar from his pants. It was absolutely epic!

uh, you know how she picked it up right?

Yeah man, I know what you mean. I guess I’m still in a fog over some of the other shit that “allegedly” did or didn’t go on that night, such as a groom from a bachelor party getting blown for $50!