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My NHS T Replacement Mission

Spoke with some good doctors and nurses today and they seemed to listen to me about my low levels and I have bloods booked in for the morning, If anyones like me and struggling to get a script in the UK give this a follow and ill keep you posted with any updates and answer any questions.

Be interesting to know who already has a script with the NHS also.

Im a 24 Male from the UK, Secondary Hypogonadism.

Thanks guys!

Being as young as you are is going to work against you, but don’t expect your doc to be well versed in hormones as the NHS is notorious for sending males with low-T packing. A lot of men have to go to private clinics and pay out of pocket for TRT.

There is “Balance My Hormones” and “The Men’s Health Clinic” who offer hormonal treatments to those turned down by the NHS.

Okay so my T came back at 4.9nmol (range is 8 - 29)

Appointment with Doc later on today so hopefully he will support me going forward and if not, I guess ill have to do it myself as I don’t have the cash to go private.

Also is my PSA normal?

Pathology Investigations

Blood haematinic levels
Serum vitamin B12 level 469 ng/L [197.0 - 771.0]
Serum folate level 5.2 ug/L [2.0 - 18.7]
Serum ferritin level 116.0 ug/L [40.0 - 405.0]

Serum prostate specific antigen level 0.8 ug/L [< 3.0]
Males of black ethnic origin have lifetime risk of
of 1 in 4 compared to 1 in 8 for white men of
developing prostate cancer.