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My Next Training Program

I am on my last week of WSP. I really enjoyed this program and I also got pretty good results. I lost 6 pounds, (and about an inch in my overall circumference) I look a lot leaner and I gained muscle.

I followed T-dawg diet, but I think I needed to cut calories after I lost weight, because my weight has not changed in 3 weeks.
I am a female, 5’7 and my current weight is 136 lb.

I want to be leaner for physique purposes. (And so I can perform 3 BW chin ups).

My goal weight is 128 lb and I find it really hard to loose those few extra pounds.

After this week I will rest for a week (maybe do some LI cardio but that?s it) and eat at maintenance. I am thinking of starting WSP all over again, change my diet to carb cycling diet for a while and cut calories a little more (I am currently eating 1500-1600 cals a day on non refeed days and up to 100 g og carbs).

What do you think? Should I do the same training program all over again? after all it gave me great results, and it is varied and fun, or should I start something completely new for fat loss or (and if I should, what do you suggest)?

Any help would be very appreciated.

Yes sure its so varied etc having the different stages you will be fine to run it again if you enjoyed it and had great results.

Any other suggestions for fat loss programs?