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My Next Squat Suit


I wonder if this is what we'll be using in a few years. I mean afterall, the suit doesn't lift the bar without the lifter right?

A Japanese man wearing a Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) robot suit, which is developed by University of Tsukuba, carries packs of rice weighing 30 kg (66 lbs) at the 2005 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo November 30, 2005. The robot suit is equipped with sensors that can detect electric nerve signals transmitted from the brain when a person tries to move his or her limbs, enabling the computer to start up relevant motors to assist the person's motion. The world's largest robotics trade show is being held until December 3. REUTERS/Yuriko Nakao


I call my robot suit "muscle" it too would allow me to carry 66 pounds of rice.


With those chicken legs it looks like hes going to need more than "small motors" to lift a 66 lb bag o' rice.


Woah, for a second I thought the guy had no body because I didn't think anyone would be able to fit in something that small.....than I saw his legs....

Does each bag weigh 66 lbs, or do all three weigh 66 lbs together?

from http://www.aarp.org/international/agingadvances/innovations/Articles/09_05_japan_robot_suit.html
"The HAL 5 could offset workforce shortages in the manufacturing industry as well. The robotic suit can help older employees with weakened muscles remain in physically tasking jobs longer. The suit, which costs about the same as compact car, will be available for purchase next year."
Hmmmm....pay a million yen to keep an aging worker, or pay practically nothing for a younger worker...hmm...decisions decisions. I love the naivete of the AARP

"The suit promises to ameliorate some of the challenges Japan faces due to its changing demographics. Japan?s population is aging faster than any other developed country while its birthrate is decreasing. As a result, Japan may find itself without the number of healthcare workers necessary to care for its older population. Since the country is reluctant to allow foreign workers entry, robots and robotic suits can fill a critical gap in healthcare labor shortages."

Is anyone besides me psyched about the idea of robots caring for the elderly? Maybe we can also find some way for the metabolisms of the elderly to power these robots...hmmm....

This whole thing is so Japanese.


Get away from her, you BITCH!


I want one with the see&shoot eyepeice and a .308 on each arm. If they could throw in a hydraulic boring bit for giggles, that would be neat too.


Agreed. Those thighs seem barely able to support his weight.


For the price of a compact car I expect my robotic enhancement (mechanical doomsday suit, if you will) to allow me to lift no less then an equally expensive compact car.


Shit, I'm afraid to know if his legs are really THAT small or if he just doesn't have legs. I hope it's the latter, for his sake.


By the way, imagine DieselWeasel deadlifting in one of those...


These things mostly come from Japan, mostly.


lol Nice.