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My Next Goal, Help!

well its time for new years resolutions agian I’ve decided I want to be squating 700lbs by the end of 2005 right now mine is kind of stuck at about 525. I also want to get to around 240 and still acompolish this goal that means losing 20lbs hopfully of fat. I’m going to start using protien powders for the first time coming up, my routine for my legs is simple for now(I really could use suggestions on it, maybe a new plan)

4 sets of 6 to 8 on box squat, front squat, hack squat.

4 sets of 10 with all the weight the sled for the legpress will hold and go deep

3 sets of 10 leg extention 250lbs all the machine has

3 sets of 6to8 of leg curls depending on weight

shit load of calves

any help to get me to my goal would be apreciated

One Word: Westside!

You seem to be wasting a lot of time on leg extensions, leg curls, and that useless leg press machine. Replace those with good mornings, reverse hyperextensions, and box squats. You’re also using very high reps for someone who is trying to get a one-rep max. Become familiar with westside and use their training methods, you’ll be amazed how quickly your squat will improve.

I do good mornings, deadlift, and stifflegged deadlift on my back days as well. any good places to find westside workout routine?

Search for ‘Dave Tate’ in the articles section on this site, or check out the articles section on www.elitefts.com