My next cycle

My Dream Plan:

So I’m sitting here with an ear infection and I’m on Levaquin so I can’t go on when I wanted to. So I’m dreaming about my next cycle for getting lean and staying strong…

A 150mg Blend of RSOC T. Butyrate, DPHARM Masteron, PL Equipoise (50mg Each)
Shot EOD with 30mg Var/day. (First day’s shot will be 100mg of Each)
This is going for 4 weeks.
During weeks 5-6 I drop Var to 20mg and
add 10-20mg Halotestin and 50mg Winny/day
Week 6 I try 50mg/day Proviron just to see……
Each weekend while on I do HCG (250IU on Sat and 250IU on Sun)
Supplements while on….Hot Rox, PowerDrive, ZMA,

Come off with 80mg Nolvadex day 1
Followed by 40-50mg for the following 3-8 weeks.
I hate clomid…………
Use my Phosphatidylserine, creatine, Tribex, Red Kat, M, ZMA

Strength work will be CT’s HTT or CAD depending on where I’m at.
Energy system Training will be running man, high octane cardio, and my own blend of conditioning.