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My Next Cycle

Hey guys,

Here is my next cycle, I’ll start it on Jan 1st:

W 1-10 Test P 100mg ED
W 1-10 Tren A 75mg ED
W 1-10 Mast P 75mg ED
W 1-10 HCG 250ui E3D
W 1-11 Adex 0.5mg ED
PCT (Taper)
W 12-16 Test P 30 mg ED
W 17 Test P 20mg ED
W 18 Test P 15 mg ED
W 19 Test P 5 mg ED

I am wondering since I am HRT (Androgel), If 1) I should stop it during cycle, 2) I need a PCT that long.

I am 5’9’’, 40yo, 270lbs, 25% BF. 5 days/week at the gym, on a clean diet (modified Keto - carbs peri wo on big days). Goal is to gain lean mass and lose body fat (i know, I know ,kind of contradicting… anyway, need muscle to burn fat…)

Any comments ?


If you’re on HRT, I don’t think you need a PCT. You ‘cruise’ most of the year, and do ‘blast’ along the way. PCT is there to restart your natural test production.

Of course, I may be completely wrong.

Well his final week of the taper is much higher than the dose recommended in the Taper PCT thread for people looking to restart their HPTA. Tapering the dose into the TRT dose makes sense to me. I assume it would be a smoother transition than going from 2+ grams of AAS down to TRT dose.


Bloodwork before, during, and after this cycle would be wise. I assume youre doing that.

Hmmm yeah that 25%bf hopefully comes down quite a bit. Compound selection is the world famous test tren mast combo. Your doses are in line with a seasoned vets levels. I assume this is not your first or even second cycle. Further I hope you are a tren vet because 75mgED can be a problem for many