My Next Cycle "Blast"

I’m planning to do a “blast” soon. I’m currently running 250mg Enanthate a week and .25 Adex eod. This is my current “TRT” dosing right now.

When I get to 300lbs or close to it (I’m at 338lbs now.) I plan to run this cycle.

Weeks 1-8: 750mg Cypionate - Every Week
Weeks 1-8: 350mg Tren Ace - Every Week
Weeks 1-8: 50mg Proviron - Every Day
Weeks 1-8: .5mg Adex - Every Other Day

Since I’m not PCTing, I’ll go back to 250mg Cypionate per week, 50mg Proviron ed, and .25 adex eod. I’ll drop the Tren A after the 8th week. I’ll wait 4 weeks and run it again for another 8 weeks. I’m not running HCG or anything like that. So nothing extra than what’s presented.

-I would use Prop over Cyp during a blast. Seeing as you are gonna have to pin Tren A very frequently (ED unless youre a pussy then EOD) so just me mix in same injection.

-I would wait longer than 4 weeks between blasts; I currently blast for 8 weeks with fast esters at a fairly high dose (currently coming to and end of 750 Tren A 750 Test P) and cruise on 250 Test E for 8-12 weeks. It gives the body a “breather” from the heavier compounds like Tren and gives you chance to check cholesterol etc…

-You probs know my verdict on HCG by now…

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I have also added in insulin as a way of maintaining between blasts which so far I am finding very good.

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You do realize this guy is morbidly obese…unless he is very tall, B&C probablly isn’t the best idea, with or without HCG.

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Well yes agreed to some extent; I think anyone can use steroids effectivley though, including very overweight people, as long as training and diet is up to scratch to warrant the use of gear. He has suggested that he is going to lose 40lbs before starting a heavier cycle and some styles of training benefit from SOME extra to BF (Strongman/Strength based lifting) so its hard to judge someone based on weight unless you see them in person and clearly look like a complete gym virgin.

So MrWhites, leading on from what Myth has said, I would be honest with yourself and look at the health v reward factor of using steroids at your current level… To me, bodyweight is irrelevant but obviously if the weight is “bad” weight and already putting stress on your body with diet and training still needing to be improved then Ide hold off for now.


I’m 6’ 6" at 340lbs.

I’ve been running 250mg of Enanthate for the last year. Mainly “TRT” to regain my mind and several other aspects. It helped a little, but I also went with a CPAP and it helped tremendously. I started eating smarter after my shoulder surgery and since March, I’m down 27 pounds. I’m training 5-6 times per week with heavy weights on leg and back days and light on chest days. I’m also getting in 3-4 hours cardio (elliptical and treadmill) per week. Drinking 1.5 to 2 gallons of water a day.

The “diet” I’m on is eating less food. I’m not weighing or counting macros just yet (another story for some or time and yes, I know it’d help even more). I eat what the wife buys and cooks and instead of seconds and most usually thirds, I stop with one plate. Essentially cutting my calories out. I’m “supposed” to eat 2800-3000 calories per day to maintain (according to the 'net) and I’m sure I’m eating less than that.

I do eat more protein and fats than carbs. Although, I do “back load” carbs after heavy leg days. If I had to guess, I’m eating 2000± calories a day. I’m dropping fat and seem to be maintaining strength. I did go through a couple weeks where I felt I dipped into a catabolic state. All the muscles in my body were sore and aching. I upped my protein intake then and I started feeling better.

So at 6’ 6" a lot of people say I look like I weight 260-280 pounds. That’s about where I want to get. So, I don’t feel I’m “morbidly obese” for my height, but I am “fat”. This week, I’m going up to 500mg Cypionate split into two doses of 250 a week. I’ve read enough posts and I’ve had several trusted friends state that as long as I keep eating the way I do and training like I am, it will help drop fat even more. So I’m going to try that and see.

I was going to post something like this yesterday, “When I get to 300lbs or close to it (I’m at 338lbs now.) I plan to run this cycle in the next 6-7 months.” I reworded it just to keep it shorter. So, I’m hoping I can get close to 300 pounds in the next 6 to 7 months and that’s when I’ll run this cycle. Maybe less since I could easily drop 2lbs a week (since I’m fat now) and in 6 months, even at a pound a week, be 24lbs lighter. Maybe starting out the first month or so at 2lbs a week then it tapers off to 1lbs or less.

Hopefully this explains and clears up the obvious lacking of info on my part.

As for HCG, yes, I know your verdict (read a lot of your posts). I have no desire for any more kids and I careless about the testicular atrophy. I may spread the wait between blasts a little longer. I’ll go by how I feel and see about the recovery.

Thank you both for posting. As for my training I used to do, even fat… put “/c/squatpresspull” after youtube. com. I’m no longer powerlifting and now more bodybuilding/powerbuilding for the help of cutting.

Took this pic on June 12/13th… I think I was 340/41ish pounds at this time.

So you’re a bigger boy than I thought - I was figuring 6’2" of less. But, your BMI is 38 - just shy of the 40 considered morbidly obese.

I’ve been down that road. I was 220 at 25% BF. I’m at 190 now and no longer need the CPAP - which I fucking hated, but it did make a difference.

As long as you’re informed, this is your decision. I’m on TRT without HCG - tried it, didn’t like it, same boat as you with respect to future kids and ball size. It just wasn’t worth the hassle for me.

Use the AI.

I would avoid the Tren until you see how you respond on 500 of Test C. I believe Tren has some undesirable sides that you may want to avoid until you get your BF down.

Sorry man, my bad!

Post results, and good luck!!

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Yeah, “big boy”. The CPAP really isn’t too bad for myself. Just there area few nights I’d like to shoot the hell out of it. Made a big positive difference for myself.

I’m somewhat informed about HCG… mostly from what I’ve read here. Yeah, I keep forgetting there are people that post cycles and DON’T use an AI. I will always use one in anything I do with test involved. Thanks for pointing it out anyways. So, I need to remember to mention that I will use it.

Definitely. I’ll wait until I’m at a more manageable weight. I’ve been saying that I want to get to 20% body fat or maybe 15%, but I might dabble down to 10%. haha The more I read up on bodybuilding, looking at photos, and watching videos, I want to get like that. haha But for now, 20% is the goal.

No worries. I gave no info again. I appreciate the concern that you and others have with it.

I am a pussy.

I can only pin in my quads right now. No one to pin for me and I haven’t tried the glute yet. I figured one I can look at my ass with out my fat roll in the way, I’ll try then. So for now, I’m trying to save my quads. Looked into trying the delt, but I don’t have enough muscle in my nub and not sure I could in my right shoulder with the same right hand.

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Looks pretty good to me SPP

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My BMI puts me at 35 = Obese… Ignore that shit method… It doesnt put lean mass into consideration… all about body composition.

Fair play for actually being the dude in your avatar!

Using gear and eating in a slight deffecite is going to reward you well…

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Thank you. Can’t wait to start it. Promise I’ll wait until I get to my goal.


I never listen to any of that. I figure I’m about 33/34% maybe a little more. I’m going to get a Bodpod in the next few weeks.

Thanks. I know a lot of people put up off the wall things up as avatars. I am only who I am. Nothing to hide.

I hope so. I guess I could start a log and track it. I think it’d be good to see st 500mg per week with a deficit.

Thanks again.

mate I apologise if it’s too personal a question, but may I ask what happened with your arm?

Feel free to tell me to fuck off if you don’t want to go into it; I don’t mean to be impolite.

Something like 500 mg Test per week is going to be a better option for another reason other than health; Heavier compounds like Tren or even more Test is going to make you want to eat everything in sight lol! Unless youve got very good will power and a bodybuilder during prep I would avoid the heavy stuff until you can relax on the diet abit.

Not a problem.

It was twisted off in a machine in 1990. Water extractor to be exact. Twisted off just below the shoulder. Dr said the bone was weak right there and my shoulder muscles kept my shoulder from popping out.

My brothers taught me how to military press and made me do it almost everyday for 3-4 years. When I was 15, I had huge strong shoulders and was pretty big overall for a 15 year old.

I am doing pretty good right now. So far, I only cheat once a week or two. Usually after heavy squats or when I miss a meal. Otherwise, I do pretty good.

I’ll keep myself in check. I have a few reasons why I want to drop the weight and get in better shape. So I’m going to do what I need to do.

I’ve been eating to “maintain” apparently this last month. I’m between 338lbs - 341lbs and my pants are fitting a little loser. I’m seeing more vascularity in my hand/forearm. They are kinda growing up my arm.

Been eating really good, just eating a little more than usual. About to start a definite cut and well drop down to 330± and then maintain there for a bit.

Just a little update!

1 year ago on August 24 to August 24th this year.

My first 250mg Cyp shot to now. Up until a month ago, only used 250mg a week and now blasting 500mg at 250X2 a week. In the last month, I’ve dropped an easy 5lbs. My strength has pretty much maintained where its been. I upped my cardio even more and I’m hitting 4-5 hours instead of the mentioned 3-4 hours. I’ve been told be several different people that they can really tell I’m slimmed up quite a bit. I know my pants and shirts are really telling me.

I’m feeling pretty good, although, near the end of the day, I’ve been having to fight to stay awake past 6. As soon as I lay my head down at 8/8:15, I’m out. Depending on lunch, I might get tired around 3PM, but that usually goes away after a walk around the building a few times (not counting that into my cardio hours) and then I’m fine till 6. I do get up at 5 AM and sit pretty much all day at the desk. I need to walk more during the day, I’m sure that will help.

I’ve upped my calories a little more as I’m hoping my gut skin will shrink up enough so I won’t have a lot off excess skin. So, I’m purposely and trying to stay at 1/1.5 pounds a week, I’m sure I could lose more and faster if I wanted to. I’m going to go another month and then cut back again after a maintain for two months or so.