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My Next Cycle and Delema.

Well I have my next cycle planned out and it’s not with Tren that I really wanted to do.

Also I would have liked to switch the Test Prop with d-bokl at 50mgs a day.

Anyways here it is.
weeks 1-4 test proponate 75mgs ED
weeks 1-10 deca at 500mgs a week.250mg twice a week
weeks 1-12 test enathanate at 750mgs a day
weeks 1-12 adex at .5 mgs EOD
PCT is Nolva at 40mgs a day for 2 weeks 20mg ed for 2 weeks

I plan on front loading the deca and enathate just have to go back and check the numbers for preloading.

Only problem is that I only have 3 vials of Enathanate and can’t get ahold of him to get 2 more so I’ll have to hit the reasearch to find something in Canada.

Anyways in hindsight I would cut the prop and replace it with d-bol but I don’t think that is the end of the world.

Next cycle will be tren to replace the deca for 9 weeks and d-bol to replace the prop.

Any thoughts oon this or any suggestions for the enathanate.