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My Next Blast - Your Suggestions Welcome

35 Male, lifting seriously for 10 years, been cruising at 200mg Suston for 8 weeks now ready to blast:

Sustenon 400mg weeks 1-18
Equipose 800mg weeks 1-18
Deca 400mg weeks 1-18
Tbol weeks 1-6
Adex .5mg EOD (I am sensitive to ADEX and last time I ran it ED my Estradiol got down into the single digits, quick)
HCG 500mg/wk

I like it. I would add yor fave oral as a barrier breaker[ SD for me] and I would do a 75% frontload the deca and EQ. I love a Sust EQ cycle and deca just makes everything better.

Looks good! I like the 800mg of EQ!!!

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I like the test and EQ dosing, what’s the reasoning behind Deca dosage

Matching the DECA to test helps prevent DECA sides.

IMO drop the deca, up the test, lower the EQ,

600 Sust
300 EQ
Oral of choice :slight_smile:

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No I’m saying why ru n Deca with eq, i would just run the test and EQ and maybe a oral like var or dbol/winstrol combo

@Ross_AlanUSN10 and @norse_str3ngth why would you drop the deca, and why would you lower the EQ?

Less is more my friend… I agree why run decay and EQ, just run or the other. Preferably EQ (less sides) and 800mg EQ is ridiculous…3-400 is plenty

I would like to save compounding anabolics for competitors, also unless he want to be a bloated mess then go ahead if it were for joints then a clinical dose could be plenty especially when running 2 compounds that both aromatizes. Just my two cents

Because its an excellent combination. Guys who have done them together have
great results.

Disagree. 300-400 of eq would probably be a waste. People often under dose
it and don’t run it long enough to get results.

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Like I said mate, I wouldn’t run Deca and eq, very long esther. But that’s me, I would run them back to back though like 8wks on Deca then run EQ for 8. Or cycle through npp or tren. Also have you ran Deca? Do you have caber or prami to combat sides?

I personally wouldn’t run the deca. You get better collagen benefits from the eq and none of the deca nasties in terms of sides. Also you have been cruising for 8 weeks - is that how long ago your last blast ended? How long was the previous blast ?

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