My newsletter 2nd issue

The second issue of my newsletter is in the process of being sent. I you have not received it today, it may have bounded, if that’s the case email me and I’ll try to fix the problem.

Thank’s for the credit Thib!

I can’t wait to attack this newsletter also! Looks cool just like the last one. Keep them coming but don’t forget to come up for air every now and then!

Its a good one CT, me likes.

The second issue is even better then the first! Thanks for your efforts.

Nice job on the banner.


Thanks, Rick!

Jeez, you’re a madman. You’re gonna burn yourself out at this rate.

Thanks, though. :slight_smile:

The issue is freakin great. I love the strength pyramid. Very handy tool

Mine won’t open. It says there is an error. Anyone care to send it down a PM?

Another great info-bomb ! CT, - thanks for taking the time to provide this kind of quality info for free.

Mine did the same thing. Try saving it to your desktop and then opening it.

These newsletters are really great free information. Good work CT

Also, will your ebook be out in print version any time soon? I thought a while ago you said it would and it would have some extra chapters.

Yes, the new book will be printed. I just received the submission by the printer and everything is a go as soon as the final chapters are edited.

According to the second edition, the paper copy of the e-book will be out inb 6-8 weeks.

I’m sorry, is there still a sign up for the newsletter?

Kudos on the newsletter CT. I wish I could gather enough people here in NB, to get you to do a seminar.

Yes, you can still sign up by sending me an email at

Regarding a NB seminar, I would be interested as I havea few athletes in Nova Scotia which isn’t too far I think.

just print it out, gonna make a little book and leave it at the gym, maybe the PT’s could learn something
(“oh my god, not good training methods… NOOOO…must do cicuits and swissball squats…and where is the spandex!!!”)

hey chris i sent you a couple of question emails, if you get the chance can you reply to em

Thanks CT, these are great and Long for such a short time! Props to ya.