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My New Workout

Hey guys, this is my first post here, could you please critique my new workout? I am lifting for about 1.5 year and getting some solid gains. I am trying to put on mass and i was mainly on high frequency programs like total body and upper/lower but i tried split too. I am 6’1 and 180 lbs and started like 160 lbs. Sorry for my bad English. Btw i train BJJ 2x2hrs a week, would i overtrain with this program? Thanks

deadlift 4x6
chin ups 4x6
bb curls 4x8
calves 4x15

leg press 4x8
bench press 5x8,7,6,5,4
db bench press 3x15
lateral raise 4x10
skull crushers 4x8
incline close grip bench press 3x10

stiff legged deadlift 4x8
pull ups 4x8
bb row 4x10
hammer curls 3x10
db curls3x12
calves 4x15

squat 3x8
military press 4x8,7,6,5
arnold press 4x10
db flyes 3x12
close grip bench press 4x6
db skull crushers3x10

I would say running this wouldn’t be impossible if you only trained 3x a week. If you’re hoping to do all 4 in a week plus your BJJ, I would say its way too much. Just my opinion. Sure others may have more insight.

you’re doing a LOT more pressing than your are pulling, which can lead to shoulder problems.

I think an upper/lower split is a better way of organising your workouts than you way you’ve set it up.

Google “WS4SB” and see what you think. That might suit you.

It is not quite a full body work out?!

It’s almost a push/pull, but every day?!

It’s an upper/lower, but all in a day?!

Why so much arm and calves?

In other words, where does this come from?

X2 on WS4SB