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My New Workout


just wondering what you think of my routine? and what sets and reps should i use to build size and strength?
ive tried to use lots of different articles to put this together.

Monday: Legs and Abs

Leg extension

Barbell squat

Dumbbell stiff-legged deadlift

Lying leg curl

Leg press

abs workout

Tuesday: Chest and Triceps and Biceps

barbell bench press

dumbbell incline press

flat dumbbell flies


barbell curls
lying triceps extension

alternating dumbbell curls

ez bar preacher curls
bench dips



Thursday: Back


Chin ups

Bent over row

Upright row

Lat pull down

Friday: Shoulders

Rear flies

Side laterals

Overhead press


Front raises


Light run
Body weight exercises




At least you're more original by not having chest on monday like everyone else who posts a routine.

Stick to the regular 8-10 reps for 4-5 sets for the big movements (squat/bench/dead) and 12 reps and up for 2-3 sets on the smaller movements. All of the sets should be difficult to complete, but not total failure on every set.

And remember to eat.


My honest opinion is that this program is not for you. You are still a beginner, and should be doing something like 5x5. I say your other post about 5x5, you should stick with that program.

What are your current stats?


Post up those stats, and what youve been doing recently, and I can give you better advice on a program. But that program you listed above will get you minimal results at best.


If there's one thing I've learned in the T-Cell, it's this- a beginner (which this poster is) will make gains on any program as long as it's A LOT of work and they give a consistent solid effort. He can slack off just as easily on 5x5 as he can on a more traditional program. In fact, one could argue that he'd be worse off on 5x5 because the volume is lower. He may not even be in shape yet.

OP- whatever you decide to do, give it your best effort and get started ASAP. And remember to eat.


bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/tomvaux/ its all on here!

yeah im doing the stronglifts 5x5 and have been for about a month and have seen a great improvement- my stats have gone up a bit from those stated tho! this new workout is just for when i start university! just bein organised! haha


I agree that anything will work, but still think that 5x5 will be more optimal. It will develop a greater foundation in all the key lifts, lead to greater increases in strength, and likely more muscle in the long run. There are reasons why the "starting strength" program is almost identical.


thats why ive already started with it!!


I dunno, but it seems like nobody actually commented on the routine.

I'm workin on putting my own together, so I was really looking at order of days. I think it looks good (can't say I'm any better than you at this), and I might adapt it for myself.

I'll likely make Fri a day for light cardio or off. Move chest to Saturday, and do shoulders and arms Tues. I believe that would give you maximum rest for the larger work load of chest vs. arms & shoulders while hitting complimentary exercises twice a week.

Exercise selection:
Some things seem a little redundant: Can likely get rid of the shrugs on shoulder day since you'll blast your traps on back day. Lat pull downs prob won't be necessary after chins. . . I probably wouldn't go after bent & upright rows in the same workout, but If you feel up to it then go for it! For my version, I'll replace push downs with weighted dips, and remove that last arm superset all together.

Anybody with some more experience care to weigh in? I've been a total body workout kinda guy for a long time, so I'm looking for guidance as much as the OP.


I'd move biceps to your back day, and lighten up the load on your back a lil bit. 5 exercises may be a bit much. I'd do something like:
deads/ rack pulls
T-bar row/ bent BB
Lat pulldown/ chins
maybe a rear delt movement like face pulls

and then some curls, BB, EZ bar, DB whatever.

I'd rearrange leg day a bit too-
Back squat
leg press
leg curl

and drop the extensions. Thats just me though.

Just hit it hard and eat and you'll be fine!