My New Workout Routine

Im brand new to this website but ive been training (terribly) on and off for about 5 years. Never consistently, however I have built a fair amount of muscle due to beginner gains I think, but of course not lots!

I am 21, 170lbs, 6Ft3 Male

I just need advice on a new routine I am starting. I used to go the gym 3 times a week but due to injury I have chosen to purchase a trap bar and a squat stand. With these 2 pieces of equipment I can do:
Trap bar shoulder presses, trap bar bench press, trap bar deadlift, trap bar bent over row. There are probably others but they are the main big lifts I would like to get strong at at home while keeping injury free. Squats cause a problem for me due to poor mobility so as I try to fix that, I would like to replace squats with trap bar deadlifts (which is fair enough for now).

The routine would be like this, a full body 3 x a week consisting of:

monday: trap bar deadlift (not sure how many sets and reps, as I want to do trap bar deadlift 3 x a week and need advice on how to manage it maybe 2x5) , weighted chin up (3x5) , weighted dip (3x5), farmers carry for strength.

Repeat wedensday and friday…

I was just wondering what is the problem with this routine as it seems too simple but I like the sound of it because its so simple! Not sure how to add shoulder presses, bent over rows into the program. As long as I am trap bar deadlifting 3x a week everything is fine. (i want to get the most out of the trap bar because it costs a shit load of money).

Any feedback is appreciated!! Just some help setting a routine up based around trap bar deadlifts, weighted chin ups and dips, farmers carry

Ben bruno likes the trap bar…

Thanks for the reply, Ive read those articles they’re very interesting!

I was looking for someone to critique the workout I posted and tell me how they would programme a workout 3x a week based on trap bar deadlifts, weighted chins and dips.